How to Localize Global Marketing – Videojet Case Study

VIDEOJET 300DPI LOGO pieni-1For any global organization, implementing a standardized marketing strategy, in one source language, assumes that everyone who touches your product or service speaks the same language and has the same cultural approach. With so much digital content, published and distributed online, today’s marketers have to carefully consider their marketing strategies and integrate localization in the overall global marketing plan.

The world’s largest coding and marking company, Videojet, has a global workforce and a large distribution partner network dispersed across 26 countries. They need to continuously communicate and roll out global marketing campaigns, to local markets. This is a high priority for the organization. Digital and printed branded materials are produced to promote and educate Videojet’s communities about their wide product range as part of the overall globalization strategy.

Part of their globalization strategy was to produce marketing collateral in over 17 languages. Videojet chose Welocalize as their partner to handle the localization of all branded marketing content. Welocalize teams work with Videojet to develop and implement a localization strategy to support local product launches. This includes localizing global marketing materials like email campaigns, white papers, multimedia and much more.

The results thus far are a 50% increase in translation volume and 35% saving on overall translation spend due to improved process and translation memories. This has been achieved by maturing and centralizing the localization process, automating the translation workflow and utilizing key technologies to help all teams maximize productivity.

With Welocalize, we have been on a real journey to improve and increase Videojet’s level of localization maturity and get to a place where we’re producing high quality, global marketing materials to support Videojet’s international business strategy,” said John Coleman, Marketing Director, Videojet.

You can find out more about how Welocalize helped Videojet to localize the global marketing strategy by reading the full case study. Click here to read: videojet case study – welocalize