Localization Planning for Your Multimedia Marketing Campaign

186909274The days of spending big budgets to produce a marketing video has changed. There was a time when producing a video involved many hours of preparation, dollars and a team to hire out to produce it. Times have changed. Every year, new technology comes out to make it easier and easier to produce a marketing video to show the world your message.

YouTube is the second largest search engine, making the power of video huge in reach and awareness. One viral video on YouTube can reach millions and a viral video on YouTube that has been localized can have a much wider reach.

A typical scenario today is that a global marketing team comes up with the video to demonstrate or sell your product. The video is produced in English for a campaign, targeted mainly to the market in the US. There is an opportunity to make this typical scenario more rewarding for a global marketer’s campaign with higher potential ROI. Different methods of multimedia localization can help to open up the video to a global audience.

An experienced top-tier localization company like Welocalize can take the video and either add subtitles or voice over (VO) in more than 22 languages, expanding the reach worldwide so the initial production costs spent to produce the video benefits more customers and local markets. Certain video messages do not have to be completely re-recorded and produced, whereas the cost can be prohibitive for such scale of original productions. Using subtitling and VO opens up the possibility to get the most out of your initial multimedia investment.

How can localization benefit a general marketing campaign or program?  Multimedia files using audio and video (AV) have increasingly become an important part of marketing, training materials and corporate communications for companies wanting to effectively address a global audience.  Here are two example of how you can benefit from localization and increase your target audience.

  • Marketing Videos: Using the YouTube channel for business purposes is part of Internet marketing. By creating a company channel and posting videos of company products, services and news events, this activates a media channel that is accessed globally. Taking the source content, adding VO or subtitles extend the reach of key campaign messages.
  • E-learning Presentations: For e-learning content, images taken from the Web or from personal cameras can be merged with text and some graphic design to create striking multimedia presentations. These can be used in-house, with clients, or as presentations that are downloadable from the Internet. All of this content, with localized VO or subtitles, can further maximize marketing ROI and increase online “searchability” and rankings.

How can Welocalize help? Our team can open up all of your multimedia assets to the global market. Even when the project is in development, our team can assist in helping to setup the project so the source content is easy to be localized.


Based in California, Michael Anderson is a Senior Multimedia Engineer at Welocalize.

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