Localization Insights, Challenges, and Predictions for 2022 and Beyond

welocalize February 15, 2022

Localization in 2022 is as important as ever. Across all sectors, global businesses are facing change – with an explosion of content, increased digital transformation, and customers all over the world adapting how they interact with content.

We’ve compiled a guide, ‘The Localization Manager’s Guide to Everything… 2022,’ based on the popular Let’s Go summit sessions. The guide features insights and predictions from senior localization leaders from Sprinklr, LogMeIn, IKEA, MindGym, and Uipath.


Key insights and takeaways include:

How to address common challenges such as promoting localization as a central function, developing multilingual content, measuring ROI, managing remote teams – all whilst facing budget pressures and increasing volumes!

“We need to act more on how we are perceived by other teams, how visible we make ourselves, and how we can explain our impact.” – Alexandra Maria Pop, Senior Manager, Product Localization, UiPath

“There’s a need to rethink processes completely and the business models as well. And that goes all the way down in the localization chain to the LSP system. I think the industry will start to go away from its traditional business and pricing models.” – Hartmut von Berg, Senior Director of Global Localization, LogMeIn

“It was hard to gain the visibility and influence that you need to drive a localization strategy, being remote. Forcing these conversations to happen remotely is a challenge.” – Margarida Soares, Localization Manager, MindGym

“Localization should start at the beginning and not as an afterthought. It takes much more time if you do it the other way around.” – Anna Golubeva, Global Localization Program Lead, IKEA


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