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Maximize Your 2022 Global Growth. Join us as we look toward next year and share tools and tricks to help you reach your goals in 2022. This on-demand virtual summit is designed with your convenience in mind. Watch anywhere, any time, and on any device.

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Global Healthcare Challenges in 2022

Key life Sciences industry leaders discuss trends in global healthcare and the industry, including remote operations and telehealth. Take a deep dive into the outlook for 2022 and the challenges that lie ahead.

Localization and Translation for Highly Regulated Industries

In highly regulated areas, including legal, life sciences and financial services, localizing your content requires compliance with internal policies and procedures and local, state and federal rules and regulations. Learn more about ISO certifications and how to ensure quality AND compliance.

Beyond Translation: Digital Transformation and Globalization

Beyond Translation: Digital Transformation and Globalization

Will Machine Translation Replace Human Translators?

Where Do We Go from Here? The Future of Localization

Centralizing the Adverse Events Translation Process

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