Learning Solutions Conference 2015 Highlights

513355289 (1)Welocalize was a sponsor and exhibitor at the Learning Solutions Conference 2015 (LSCon), which took place in Orlando, Florida. Matt Gaitan, Welocalize Regional Business Development Director, shares his highlights and insights into two key trends Welocalize discussed at the conference.

At this year’s Learning Solutions Conference and Expo, we met with learning professionals and engaged with a community that shares a broad with a common interest in learning solutions and how localization ties in with the overall process. The Welocalize team of experts spoke with delegates who are working on several significant learning projects and gave guidance on how to approach the localization process to produce quality and cost-effective multilingual versions for learning.

Multimedia and localization were hot topics at the event. The Welocalize team discussed with event attendees the prospect of including English voice into designer’s development models, through the highly advanced text-to-speech (TTS) technology available through Welocalize. We ran a live Voice Challenge demonstration, offering analysis and cost-comparison of text-to-speech versus voice-over talent.

Traditionally, professional voice-over services can be expensive. Using studios to record multilingual versions of learning videos and courses can be a significant investment for studio hires, voice talent and editing. With budget restraints, this can sometimes leave limited options for design teams who would otherwise prefer to include a voice audio component into their courseware.

With the recent advances in technology, a clearer and emerging alternative is the option of utilizing TTS technology for English. Learning experts and designers confirm, the incorporation of voice audio is a valuable service for learners. Text-to-speech for English scripts has come to the point where the audio quality itself has profoundly improved in quality. When you couple the high degree of voice quality with the ability to train the software through phonetic iterations – the final output proposes a viable solution and the incorporation of voice into training modules enhances the overall learning experience.

One of the other key discussions that took place at the conference was how to manage voice samples and voice-over talents. Welocalize demonstrated a collective showcase of eLearning examples at LSCon during LS DemoFest 2015. We provided attendees the opportunity to easily select voice-over talent with our technology portal, which offered useful tips and examples in choosing the best voice-over resources for learning programs and content localization.

Welocalize Multimedia Services introduced a new seamless alternative for clients to manage their voice-over talents, in any language. This simplifies that process of sharing voice samples instead of using email, file sharing services, FTP sites and other means. Welocalize provides a means for centralizing the distribution of voice samples and provides the ability to add commentary on the quality of the samples. In addition to the option of adding commentary, embedded within the showcase are options for listening to the samples, adding customized attributes such as gender and age range and the option to either accept, or reject voice samples. Depending on what each client’s unique requirements are for selecting voice over talent, this extension of our robust multimedia solutions provides the collaborate means for streamlining the overall voice over selection process.

Among all the topics discussed and debated at LSCon 2015, we learned that the prospect of English audio via text-to-speech drew the most interest. Welocalize is helping companies reduce some of the associated costs involved in multimedia localization with our text-to-speech services. The Welocalize TTS multimedia service offering helps clients with a cost-effective alternative and can be used for learning courses, instructor-led training content, training videos as well as online help.

We would be happy to engage with any global company and discuss how Welocalize can enhance the learning experience for your stakeholders.  If you would like a demonstration of our voice-over and text-to-speech solutions, contact us today.

Special note of congratulations to Spencer Buck from the Wisetail team, the lucky winner of our Beats by Dre™ raffle!


Based in our Portland, Oregon location, Matt Gaitan is a Regional Business Development Director at Welocalize.