Language Fun Facts Challenge Content Marketing World 2014

If you love words and all things to do with language, then this is the quiz for you. Welocalize hosted the Language Fun Facts Challenge to engage attendees at Content Marketing World 2014. Now it is your turn!

Test your general knowledge of languages with the following questions in the slideshow or you can go through the questions below. Answers at the end of this blog.

QUESTION 1: The dot above the lower case i’s and j’s is call what?

QUESTION 2: If a sentence uses every letter of the alphabet once it’s called what?

QUESTION 3: Which language is not related to any other in the world?

QUESTION 4: Which country has the most active Twitter users?

QUESTION 5: A fear of long words is called what?

QUESTION 6: How many imaginary languages are there in Lord of the Rings?

QUESTION 7: How many thousands of dialects are there on the planet?

QUESTION 8: What is the oldest word in the English language?

QUESTION 9: What is it called when a word spelled backwards creates a word?

QUESTION 10: What is the most prevalent Native American language spoken in the US?

QUESTION 11: Which one English word contains 10 words without rearranging any letter?

QUESTION 12: English is the official language of how many countries?

QUESTION 13: How many of hundreds of thousands of translators are there in the world?

QUESTION 14: How many millions of pieces of content are shared online each day?

QUESTION 15: What was the first computer-based social community called?

QUESTION 16: What was the first website that let users create profiles and add friends?

QUESTION 17: Other than English and Spanish, what is the most common language spoken in Ohio homes?

QUESTION 18: What language is the most taught in colleges after English and Spanish?

Here are the answers:

ANSWER 1: Tittle

ANSWER 2: Pangram

ANSWER 3: Basque

ANSWER 4: China


ANSWER 6: 12

ANSWER 7: Seven – More than 7,000 dialects


ANSWER 9: Semordnilap

ANSWER 10: Navajo

ANSWER 11: Therein

ANSWER 12: 54

ANSWER 13: Three – More than 300,000

ANSWER 14: 27 Million

ANSWER 15: Bulletin Board System (BBS)


ANSWER 17: German

ANSWER 18: German

How did you do? Post your scores on the Welocalize Facebook – we’d love to hear how many word and language fans are out there!