My Internship at Welocalize in Portland, USA

Christopher Hu recently completed an internship at Welocalize. Christopher was based at the Welocalize office in Portland, Oregon, supporting project managers in their day-to-day activities as part of the Intern Program. After a successful nine months, Christopher will now be joining the Welocalize team permanently as a full-time project manager. In this blog, Christopher shares some of his experiences from the placement.

What was your role at Welocalize?

My role at Welocalize primarily involved providing support to the project management team based at the Portland office. I focused on vendor communication as well as ensuring on-time deliveries of translation tasks and helping with quarterly business reports. During my time at Welocalize, I also had the opportunity to work on projects within different departments of the company such as engineering and testing. Portland is home to one of Welocalize’s largest quality assurance and testing laboratories and they deliver thousands of testing hours every week. It was a great opportunity to see some of the large testing projects in action.

Why did you want an internship with Welocalize?

Welocalize was a really attractive company for me to intern at and I was delighted when my application was successful. I felt that it would be personally rewarding to work in a field that dealt with two passions of mine – communication and technology. As the 7th largest language service provider in the world, Welocalize provided many opportunities for me to gain the right experience at this stage of my career. Whilst at Welocalize, I wanted to fully utilize my international experience and in turn develop my knowledge and understanding of management techniques in practice.

What was your main goal from your internship?

My main goal was to develop my understanding of the localization industry. I was totally unaware this industry existed until I was introduced to it at a career fair! Global business relies on localization and translation. I also wanted to gain overall experience at working for a global organization with clients all over the world in every sector.

What did you learn during your internship?

I learnt effective business communication styles and I also gained good time management skills. I improved my project management skills by focusing on each task separately, instead of trying to juggle. The internship gave me great insight into the various operations, processes and technologies involved in localization project management.

Did anything surprise you?

What continues to surprise me is how substantial Welocalize’s ongoing footprint is! Our work is everywhere.  Every day, I communicate with hundreds of translators, whose work is in turn seen by millions of people around the world. The pleasure I got from collaborating with so many people from different countries was also great surprise.

What did you learn about Welocalize’s culture?

Everyone I met at Welocalize understands that projects and workloads are challenging, especially working across every time zone, but there is a really good life-work balance. We want every project to deliver excellence. There is ongoing evidence of Welocalize’s 4-pillars – customer service, quality, global teamwork and innovation – in everything that the Welocalize teams do. Working together and helping each other to succeed makes work so rewarding.

What would you say about your experience overall?

I had a great experience interning for Welocalize because of the people I work with and the clients we serve. I look forward to beginning my Welocalize journey as a permanent member of the team! I would highly recommend the Welocalize Intern Program.

Interview by Jack Rainey, Welocalize Global Marketing and Sales Support Team.