Interning with Welocalize Global Marketing and Business Support Team


Embracing interns involves forethought, planning, mentoring and management from Welocalize. From a student perspective, our placements provide them with invaluable practical hands-on experience of the varied and fast life, working as part of the Welocalize Global Marketing and Business Support unit.

It seems a long time ago back in September 2012, when we decided to become involved with the University of Chester Business Masters work-based learning placement program for Welocalize internships.  The decision was a good one. Lauren Southers was our first Chester Business Masters intern. She joined us for an initial 20-week work-based learning placement to handle defined research tasks, look at our localization competitors and help with target events. We wanted Lauren to help us generate greater, high quality business opportunities and improve our market awareness. She certainly did that and went on to complete a second 20-week work-based learning placement before joining Welocalize full-time.

Creating a successful internship strategy begins with recruitment.  We go through a rigorous project of reviewing intern profiles and interviewing candidates to make sure there is a good match with our culture, work requirements and skills.  We look for well-motivated, adaptive individuals with drive and determination to learn and produce high quality research results.

Followed by recruitment, a great internship program requires careful planning.  We want our interns to hit the ground running, benefiting them and Welocalize and their goals to learn as much as possible in a short period of time.  We define the project work of each intern with detailed tasks and assignments.  We assign a mentor during the planning to ensure they have access to knowledge and experience.  Finally, we review the plan with all key stakeholders to have an open and collaborative experience.

Working closely with the source of interns is also critical to success. Our relationship Chester University has grown over the past two years. We have taken three more Chester Business Masters students, on 20-week placements and currently have three second-year degree students with us for a 5-week period of work-based learning.  Partnering with Chester University gives our team at Welocalize access to their best and brightest undergraduates and postgraduates.

The work they undertake during their time with Welocalize makes a huge difference to our team and company. To date, research handled during the intern periods has provided invaluable competitor social media insights, a close handle on what’s happening in our industry and assistance to our Talent Management Team in a number of locales. Currently, our three interns are handling industry, corporate and vertical research projects.  They are also assisting with lead generation for our sales teams, pre-event corporate communications for corporate marketing and support for our China team, focused on Welocalize recruitment of top talent in Beijing and Jinan.

We have welcomed five interns into our department in 2014.  Given our track record of success, we look forward to introducing more in the coming months.  We benefit, they learn and together we achieve more.

Lynne McKie