Inspirations from Women in Localization Event New York 2017

Welocalize and Park IP Translations, a Welocalize company, recently hosted the Women in Localization (WIL) event at our company offices in New York. The event attracted over 100 attendees and provided a great discussion and networking forum for participants all at different stages of their globalization and localization careers. The event was organized by the US-based North-East Chapter of WIL. Rachel Lord, Senior Director PMO (Project Management Office) at Welocalize and Park IP Translations, is a member of the five-person WIL North-East Chapter management team and was one of the driving forces behind making this event a success. In this blog, she shares her event highlights and gives insights into some future WIL activities.

Oh, what a night!

Founded in 2008, Women in Localization (WIL) is the leading professional organization for women in the localization industry. As a member of the North-East Chapter management team, one of our objectives for 2017 is to increase awareness and membership in the New York and Boston areas. Taking inspiration from a recent WIL event held in Dublin and keeping the theme ““What Would I Tell My 22-Year Old Self,” we were able to use the space at Welocalize and Park IP’s offices in downtown New York to host the event.

One of the strongest components of the evening was our experienced panel of exceptional women. Participating panelists included Erin Wynn, Chief Customer Officer at Welocalize, Mary Anne Henselmann, Senior Director of Translation Management Services, ADP, Ora Soloman, Director of Global Product Management, Starwood, Tracey Feick, General Manager, Americas, Lionbridge and Sara Vlahovic, Senior Project Manager, Siemens Healthcare. The team made a big impact and the conversation flowed easily, with great energy and interaction.

Erin Wynn kicked off the event by introducing all the panelists, asking each one to give their career background and share stories about the women who have inspired them. The discussions covered well-known role models such as Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and author of Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, as well as family members who have inspired them, especially their mothers.

Over 100 people took part from all areas of the industry, from senior C-suite executives and established business leaders through to students at the start of their career. One WIL member, the Director at the Center of Translation and Interpretation at Montclair State University, promoted the event to faculty and students. We also reached out to other language programs in the New York area and attracted a number of language students and freelancers. The event was a great networking opportunity for all attendees.

There was much discussion about some of the best career advice the panelists had been offered and here are some of my favorites:

Be yourself”

“Build a network, get out there! Any interaction can lead to something.”

“It’s easy to sit at the side of the table in a support role but be confident, get in front of the exec team. Sit at the table.”

“Don’t apologize all the time when you don’t have to.”

The discussions also covered the topic of family and whether having children impacted their careers. The general consensus was that, of course, it impacts career paths, for both men and women, but you find a solution.

The participation of the panel was fantastic – all were eager and willing to share career advice and provide guidance to the participants. Encouraged by the open and supportive environment, attendees stepped out of their comfort zones and friendship groups to make new connections with people they had never met. There was a lot of interest in mentoring and we discussed the possibility of holding a WIL mentoring event.

My thanks to the Women in Localization team and the team at Welocalize and Park IP Translations who worked so hard to make this event such a great success!


Based in New York, Rachel Lord is Senior Director PMO (Project Management Office) at Welocalize and Park IP Translations.

For more information about Women in Localization and future events please click here.