Welocalize Language Spotlight on Spanish

Spanish is a romance language that originates from the Castile region of Spain; and today is spoken by an estimated 500 million people around the world. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world today behind Chinese.  It is the official language in 21 countries including Mexico, Columbia, Spain, Argentina and Chile and, […]

Four Tips to Successful Localization for Global Travel Brands

The online travel and hospitality industry is highly competitive and there is an imperative need for compelling content to reach international audiences, using the latest digital technologies and platforms. Global travel brands need to rely on a robust, scalable, cost-effective, quality-driven and worry-free globalization and localization services. Once this has been established, clients can focus […]

State of the Internet Effect on Global Brand Marketing

To establish global digital brands and gain international growth through targeting new and emerging markets, we need to ask the following questions: Is targeting one language enough? What languages do we target to achieve growth? How do you choose the most valuable languages to develop digital brand materials in? Does the state of the Internet […]

Digital Transformation Influences Growth for Global Brands

How do global brands take advantage of today’s digital influence in achieving their growth objectives? Whether expanding in existing markets or reaching into new territories, digital is transforming today’s customer experience. Much of a buyer’s journey today takes place online, making it imperative for any global brand to manage each digital interaction in every market in a […]

The Phenomenon of Transcreation in Localization

The rate at which digital marketing continues to shrink our world is perhaps matched only by the rapid growth of transcreation used to develop global messages for multilingual audiences around the world. What exactly is transcreation and what problems does it solve? Explore the fast-growing transcreation landscape through the eyes of Nathaneal Campbell, digital copywriter […]

Welocalize Latest Client Survey Results

Welocalize is committed to listening to our clients and understanding their priorities and how we can best service their global journey. Twice a year, we conduct a Welocalize Client Satisfaction Survey to gather valuable insights and measure our performance by the values associated to a Net Promoter® Score (NPS)*. The results from the latest survey are in […]

Trends in 2017 Impacting Marketing Localization

As we move into 2017, we look at some of the emerging and ongoing trends that will affect global marketers who are responsible for targeting new markets and driving digital branded campaigns to audiences all over the world. Growth in Messaging Apps Messaging apps are growing very fast and more businesses are looking to embrace […]

How Digital Globalization is Changing Content Localization

Localization of digital content and global search activities are key discussion topics for global marketing and content professionals involved in driving digital campaigns to multiple language markets. The ability to map localization opportunity, translate digital content in alignment with local search behaviors and track ROI of localization initiatives all boil down to one key variable, […]

Welocalize Office Exchange Program From Dublin to Japan

Based in Dublin, Genara Rodriguez is Welocalize Deployments and Program Support Manager. She recently spent a week at the Tokyo office as part of the Welocalize office exchange program. In this blog, Genara shares her experience. What do you do for Welocalize? My role at Welocalize is Deployments and Program Support Manager. My team manages […]

Welocalize 2016 Year in Review

As 2016 draws to a close, we take a look back at some of Welocalize’s key highlights. This year, Welocalize has grown in market size, offices and employees, as well as clients and new services. We continue to focus on delivering exceptional customer service, innovation and quality through global teamwork to brands all over the world. We […]