idiom technologies elevates welocalize to LSP platinum partner

Leading LSP shows commitment to spur more WorldServer adoption globally

Waltham, Mass. and Frederick, MD, October 16, 2007 – Idiom® Technologies, Inc. (Idiom), the leading independent supplier of SaaS and on-premise server-based globalization management systems (GMS), today announced that Welocalize, a leader in providing globalization consulting, translation, localization and testing solutions, and a member in the Idiom LSP Partner Program, has been named to the Platinum tier of the program.

“Welocalize joined the LSP Partner Program with a high degree of technical expertise using WorldServer™. Since joining the program, the company has aggressively collaborated with Idiom on joint marketing and training activities, and it was this level of commitment to our partnership and to increasing WorldServer sales globally that led to its rapid elevation to Platinum partner,” said Mike Iacobucci, president and CEO of Idiom Technologies.

“For us becoming a Platinum partner means we’re able to work even more closely with Idiom, allowing our teams to further collaborate on providing outstanding service and technology offerings to our customers,” said Smith Yewell, CEO of Welocalize. “Many of our key customers are requesting Idiom-based solutions. We see this partnership as an extension to the Welocalize platform that helps us meet our customers’ entire suite of needs.”

“Welocalize has a long history of developing and customizing tools that optimize internal workflow and enhance the customer experience,” explains Andre Pellet, Vice President of Welocalize, who has been leading the relationship with Idiom. “Customers are looking for integrated technology solutions built on a global platform and led by experienced teams. This important partnership is an example of our position as a leading technology integrator working as a joint team to reach customers globally.”

The Idiom LSP Partner Program provides independent language service providers (LSPs) free access to the robust and highly scalable translation management technologies provided by WorldServer for their internal production processes. The program combines this offering with unique alliance-building opportunities to grow business and increase revenue, while enhancing competitive offerings to clients. The Platinum tier of the LSP Partner Program recognizes those partners that have contributed substantially to the program and show the greatest capacity to accelerate the adoption of WorldServer GMS solutions in the translation and localization industry.

About Welocalize

Welocalize offers integrated globalization services for the fluid and rapid deployment of enterprise content and applications to international markets. In response to unique customer needs, we provide globalization consulting, translation, localization and testing solutions that manage risk, improve repeatability and ensure transfer of knowledge from project to project.

Our clients include Autodesk, Inc.; Canon; Cisco Systems; Computer Associates; IBM; Microsoft; Sun; Symantec and Xerox. With over 400 employees worldwide, Welocalize maintains 9 offices in the United States, Germany, Ireland, Japan and China . Please visit for more information

About Idiom Technologies, Inc.

Idiom® Technologies is the leading independent supplier of SaaS and on-premise software solutions that enable our customers and partners to accelerate the translation and localization process so that content rapidly reaches markets worldwide. Unlike other companies serving this market, Idiom offers freedom of choice by embracing relevant industry standards, supporting popular content lifecycle solutions and partnering with the industry’s leading language service providers.

As a result, WorldServer™ GMS solutions are fast becoming an industry standard, allowing customers to expand their international market reach while reducing costs and improving quality. WorldServer is used every day by organizations possessing many of the most recognizable global brands to more efficiently create and manage multilingual websites (e.g., AOL, eBay and Continental), localize software applications (e.g., Adobe, Beckman Coulter and Motorola) and streamline translation and localization of corporate and product documentation (e.g., Autodesk, Cisco and Business Objects).

Idiom is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, with offices throughout North America and in Europe. WorldServer solutions are also available through the company’s Global Partner Network™. For more information, please visit

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