Highlights from LocLeaders Forum Stuttgart 2017

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We want to share some of the key highlights and photos from LocLeaders Forum Stuttgart 2017 and thank all guest panelists and attendees. The exclusive event was held in parallel with tekom 2017 and was designed to help DACH-based companies to go global and develop and manage better localization and translation strategies, across all content types.

LocLeaders hosts included Welocalize VP of EMEA, Garry Levitt and Germany-based Welocalize Business Development Directors Andre Klose, Stefan Weniger and Sonja Brass, who moderated the evening. In this blog, Andre, Stefan and Sonja share their key takeaways from the event, giving expert insights to any DACH-based company who want to grow globally and reach wider international markets.


Once the event started, it wasn’t long before the popular topic of quality came into the discussions. There were some excellent questions to the panel from attendees including “If I pay someone more money, how do I guarantee better quality?” and “How do you measure quality?” It was agreed that there is a lack of quality definition across organizations. People aren’t satisfied with some translation quality, but often haven’t specified what quality means to them. If you can’t define quality, then you can’t measure it. Clients and language service provider must work together to identify quality goals across all content types to ensure it can be measured and priced appropriately.



Many attendees and panelists agreed that it is important to either centralize or at least have a central person who combines all translation activities in an organization. This reaps multiple benefits and cost-savings such as terminology management and translation memory. A single, central unit for localization and translation can also solve issues that may arise across the various departments in terms of consistency, accuracy and quality. Quality expectations will vary across content types and therefore localization needs will vary internally. For example, for legal and technical content, accuracy is key. For digital marketing activities such as SEO, this is more reliant on creatively developing local strategies, often using transcreation.


At LocLeaders Stuttgart 2017, Welocalize BDD, Andre Klose summarizing some of the content from the evening’s discussions. He reiterated a point made by one of the guest panelists that even dry, complex projects such as patents have a heart and a certain beauty and that you sometimes have to be a nerd to truly feel passionate about them. This makes it tough to find the right people for these projects. However, teaming up with the right people who have the knowledge and passion produces the best results. As the seventh largest LSP in the world, Welocalize can find the right people, the specialist nerds who have passion, to deliver commitment for all content types, across the global journey.


Buyers of localization and translation services can vary significantly across organizations. For some, it is driven entirely by procurement who often don’t know much about localization and translation and aren’t aware of the impact and benefits. Quite often, their decision making is based on company policy which often comes down to price. If you go for cheap, short-term translation projects, organizations often end up paying double, because somewhere down the line, mistakes must be fixed. For buyers of translation services who are experienced and knowledgeable about translation, they can be faced with a Jekyll and Hyde situation because they know they have to push the price down to suit company policy, but are fully aware this will create negative impact further down the line. There are many factors influencing the strategy and budget for translation.

“The whole evening was a great learning opportunity for all attendees. Once we’d introduced each panelist and asked the first few questions, the floodgates opened and people were able to think about how topics related to them and ask related questions. They learnt what could be important to them.” Stefan Weniger, Germany-based Welocalize Business Development Director.

Our special thanks to guest panelists Christoph Angerhausen, European Patent Attorney at Boehmert & Boehmert, Michael Knapp, Manager of EMEA Field Marketing at Autodesk GmbH, Katja Dittus, Localization Manager at Villeroy & Boch AG and Lena Odell, Head of Translations Team at Bardehle Pagenberg.

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