Getting to Know Welocalize Quality and Training

A Day in the Life of Liz Thomas, Senior Director of Quality and Training at Welocalize

476721251In this new Getting to Know Welocalize post, Liz Thomas shares her “non-typical” day at Welocalize leading our global initiatives in quality and training.  Liz provides insights into the role of this shared services function, which is core to our 4-pillars: quality, customer service, innovation and global teamwork. Here are her words.

A typical day for me starts around 6:30 AM, which is always a struggle as I am not a morning person! But a short 25 minute drive, accompanied by radio station Newstalk to get up to speed with the day’s news, takes me to the Dublin office. The Welocalize Dublin office is outside the city centre and not too far from Dublin Bay.

Every day at Welocalize is vastly different, which is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job. It can vary from helping the sales team create RFP content to creating and designing new and alternative ways of measuring translation quality. I may also be delivering training courses or working with our global offices on quality initiatives. I can honestly say there is no “typical” day!

As my role is global and part of our shared services, the aim is to bring commonality and a global approach to key areas, ensuring that I ultimately service the needs of the business and our end customers.

Quality has traditionally been spoken about in limited terms of language quality. However, our customers today have a much wider, holistic view which resonates throughout everything we do. Every touchpoint and every interaction is key to our customer’s overall perception of quality.

Providing translations in accordance with our client’s expectations is a minimum requirement. Client retention and growth is based on the added value we can provide and how we become an extended part of their own team – a real partnership.

Working to support the business in through partnering and adding value, highlights areas where we can better share our successful stories across Welocalize to help our counterparts. It also helps to identify areas where we have gaps or could make changes to improve the customer experience.

As Welocalize continues to grow, our quality strategy is vital to ensure we deliver a global vision and service delivery to our customers, as well as support seamless incorporation of our acquisitions.

The ISO certifications are one way to help bring consistency, ownership and transparency into our activities. Currently, we have six locations certified to ISO 9001:2008. My team is working towards upgrading and becoming an early industry adopter of the new ISO 9001:2015 standard and also taking this globally so that all Welocalize locations are certified. As well, we are aiming for a number of additional standards to help service more customers across a wider scope of industries. This is no small task and has been an ongoing initiative within the team requiring updating the existing system with harmonization across sites and significant implementation to the new sites.

On the converse side of my role, we are developing and delivering some new training initiatives for Welocalize. The focus is to ensure the Welocalize community is equipped with the skills and competence to service our customers at the right level, and continue to develop as the company expands.

My overall aim, in every interaction and piece of work I undertake, is to help drive Welocalize forward to become the best of breed in the industry – via training to ensure personal development and growth for our team members and delivering a cutting-edge quality strategy to differentiate us from our counterparts.

So not really a typical day, as it doesn’t exist! However, it’s safe to say that at some point it always ends with a nice cup of tea!


Liz Thomas is Senior Director Quality & Training at Welocalize, based in our Dublin, Ireland office.


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