Getting to Know Welocalize Marketing

welocalize marketing teamThis month we are sharing the words and experiences of our global team members in our Getting to Know Welocalize series. This blog focuses on the Welocalize Global Marketing team. We thought we would put a financial spin on successes and interesting facts about how we drive awareness, engagement and increase influence in our market space.

Marketing at Welocalize is similar to marketing at most of our global brand clients. Whether we are producing a new video, providing training or creating new communications to share best practices, we work every day with the mission to ensure our company achieves our global business goals.  It’s a collective team effort that expands beyond our marketing team members who represent Welocalize, Park IP Translations and Agostini Associati.  We rely on internal subject matter experts to share ideas, operations to close our feedback loop and sales to provide a front-line marketing effort in talking with potential buyers. Our goals are related to how we facilitate and manage these outcomes.

As marketers, our daily activities and tasks are like our clients, which helps in our ability to “translate” what they do and how Welocalize can help. It is an effort that similarly depends on all the elements of great translation and localization managed services, including project management to automation.

At Welocalize, the Marketing Team truly is global one. We are scattered across the world, from New York to Cheshire, and Milan to Arizona. We are a small, nimble team with decades of experience and tons of enthusiasm. We are made up of industry marketers with expertise in all marketing disciplines including sales operations, market research, public relations, content development, creative services, event management, social media, branding and so much more. We also welcome some amazing interns into our team each year, who bring fresh ideas and lots of energy!

Our successes are measured by the numbers. We measure how we are creating new conversations, engaging with our target markets and driving awareness of our global brand. We deploy a complex content marketing strategy that includes all content types and capabilities, from technical documentation to multimedia. We look at awareness through the lens of our brand and how we connect to our clients and buyers – in multiple languages.  To view how we’re done in the first half of the year, here are some numbers that relate to what we do:

  1. We approach marketing through an 18 touch point strategy, ranging from thought leadership to RFP support, to maximize our return on marketing investment.
  2. We have sent out more than 1/2 million outreaches this year, sharing industry trends, updates and capability best practices.
  3. We have generated 12,000 new leads to engage buyers and talk about the benefits of language services.
  4. We created news 24 times this year and we have more news to share.
  5. We have gathered valuable feedback from thousands of buyers at events and through client surveys which helps inform us of our client’s top priorities.

One is the most important number in marketing! The key to our marketing success is the one-to-one personalized approach to meet our clients’ exact needs. We use segmentation driven by preferences and language as part of this direct marketing strategy to begin that journey. We look for those touch point opportunities to initiate ideas, share best practices and elevate awareness which is suited for each client and buyer. We want to know, how can we help you?

No matter how you measure the marketing data and tactics, marketing works when it is collaborative and part of the corporate strategy. Marketing at Welocalize functions as enablers. We want to enable our clients to succeed and enable our team members and company to achieve our goals.  Each day we do this through a variety of activities, a lot of listening, careful planning and commitment to strategy.  As they say, together we do achieve more!

So what is it like working in the Marketing team? Here are some words from members of our team on their experiences at Welocalize:

“It’s a great team to work with at Welocalize. I’m always doing something different where I can learn. Not only that, I can learn from the other people on the team as they all come from varied backgrounds and between them all have a range of ideas, skills and techniques. As a global team, we can have a global perspective on our ideas and how they sit within geographic regions. I really do feel like I’ve learned something new every day!” – Emma Cox, Welocalize and Park IP Translations Intern

“Albert Einstein once said, ‘Creativity is intelligence having fun.’ and in our small global team here at Welocalize this is what we do.  We use our creative minds to come up with fresh ideas, stay relevant and provide value. Working in the marketing team is truly amazing. I am constantly inspired by my team, learning new things and challenged to think differently.  No two days are the same. – Lauren Southers, Global Marketing and Business Support Manager

In the end, it is how we engage with our entire global audience, both internally and externally. Whether we do this through collateral, promotional campaigns or events, we only succeed when we find the precise way to help each client and team member achieve their respective business goals! We do this by reaching new target markets, creating new conversations and increasing customer loyalty by staying connected. We work to make a difference. We focus on innovation, customer service, global teamwork and quality as means to achieving our goals, all pillars for our company. More than just words, results matter.

The Marketing Team


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