Getting to Know Welocalize Interns

by Louise Donkor, Welocalize Global Marketing and Sales Support

louise donkor welocalize 2015Every year, Welocalize looks to add the best and brightest to our talent resources and provide a great career development program for rising stars.  The Global Marketing Team has been providing internships through the University of Chester Masters Program for the past three years.  It is a proven program that enables Welocalize to develop learning programs and complete valuable projects, while gaining great insights from our future business leaders.  Louise Donkor shares her experience, in her words, as she completes her successful internship this week.

I first heard of Welocalize and the Chester Business Master’s (CBM) at a careers fair in the languages department at the University of Chester over a year ago. My undergraduate degree in English Literature and French was coming to an end, and I was researching the next step to take in my professional life. A former CBM student, who stayed on as a full-time employee at Welocalize, was talking to us about her career and internship at the localization company. This former CBM student and Welocalize employee was Lauren Southers, who I now coincidentally sit next to in the UK Welocalize office! After hearing about the CBM course and Welocalize, I applied immediately and after a few interviews and a presentation to Lynne McKie and Lauren, I was informed that I would start an internship as a Global Marketing and Business Support Researcher in October 2014.

I was extremely nervous starting my first day. Looking back, I had absolutely nothing to worry about! The on-boarding process was very thorough and I learned a lot about Welocalize, its culture, the seemingly never-ending amount of acronyms and abbreviations and the localization industry in general. My studies at the University encouraged me to look deeper at the language services provider (LSP) landscape and include it in my dissertations.

My first project involved some market research, looking at buyer profiles and using an automated marketing tool, something which I had never used before. During my interviews with Welocalize, I had expressed my passion for writing, and they were kind enough to let me develop these skills through both my project and writing blogs, some of which you may have read!

I was introduced to the world of content marketing by Louise Law, Global Communications Manager, and became enthralled with the idea of this marketing practice. Welocalize gave me the opportunity to include content marketing in my second project and I was able to use my writing skills to a greater extent,which I relished. I have written on a variety of subjects, reflecting the verticals that Welocalize caters to, and if I ever needed more insight into a topic, everyone I have met has always been happy to share their expertise and knowledge.

During my time at Welocalize, I’ve learned to use automated marketing tools and customer relationship management systems, two things that are essential if pursuing a career in marketing. This internship has given me invaluable experience that I know will benefit me as I make my first steps down the marketing road.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Welocalize and have made some great friends. Even as an intern, I feel that Welocalize gave me responsibility and independence and provided guidance, if I ever did need it. This internship has allowed me to develop my skills in a way that has been mutually beneficial for both myself and Welocalize. I will never forget my time here, and would just like to thank everyone in the UK office for making me feel so welcome, and a special thank you to our rockstar Global Marketing team for teaching me more than I could have ever hoped for! I’ll miss you!


louise and her pumpkinall_uk_1 teamWelocalize would like to send Louise a special thank you for her great work over the past year.  She has made great contributions to our company and has proven to be a great marketer and writer, in particular on the topics about localization and “going global.”  Louise, we wish all all the best in your journey and thank you for making a difference.  You will always be part of the “Doing Things Differently” family. 

PS – Thanks for all the fond memories! We will miss you!


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