Getting to Know Welocalize in the United Kingdom

A Day in the Life of Joanna Hasan, Enterprise Program Manager

jo hasanAs part of our Getting to Know Welocalize series, we are pleased to introduce you to Joanna Hasan from Welocalize’s United Kingdom office in Tarporley, Cheshire, just outside of Chester. This blog shares some insights on the UK office’s role in the global Welocalize family. Jo works within the operations team overseeing a league of project managers and desktop publishing specialists, responsible for the design and implementation client programs and successful delivery in line with client requirements.  She has worked in the localization industry since 2002.

I am normally woken up by my youngest around 5:30 A.M. I will always head to the office with a coffee or a tea and listen to an audio book on the drive to work. I like to get to the office anywhere between 7 A.M. and 8 A.M., before it gets too busy. I tend to start off the day by checking if anything urgent has come in overnight that needs immediate attention, or get back to colleagues or clients in Asia to catch them before the end of their working day. I like to prepare for the following day before I finish up for the day. I tend to head home in time to feed and bathe the children and tuck them up in bed. Very often, I will pop back online to finish up and wrap up the day’s work.

Apart from this early morning routine, there is no real typical day! The common denominator is that I can be sure that I will have a number of meetings with colleagues or clients. A day’s activity can range from training new hires, dealing with projects, to visiting clients or preparing for a quarterly business reviews (QBR). As Enterprise Program Manager, my main responsibilities are ensuring that we’re delivering the best service to our clients and line management of the production team in the UK. Project Managers, aside from handling their clients’ day-to-day translation requirements, are always asking, ‘What else can I do?’ to make sure that everything is running smoothly for the client and adding value wherever they can. Our goal is to find ways to make our clients’ lives easier and take the strain out of localization for them. Our Ops team is great! I think there’s a very good culture of knowledge sharing and outstanding teamwork.

I may have several meetings per day with clients. Today, for example consisted of a pre-meeting call with a client, online meeting to deliver a proposal for handling web content, another to advise a client and guide them through the processes of a translation management system, and another to introduce the client reviewer to the lead linguist – to learn their requirements and develop relationships. Then there were a few meetings with colleagues, discussing implementation of a certain technology for one client, process-related call with another. There is a lot of contact with our clients through phone calls, online meetings, emails, or client visits. Very often, I will demo GlobalSight, our proprietary translation management system, or our Client Portal.

Each day is all about finding out the client’s challenges, putting ideas into practice and laying the foundations of how we will approach translations to best serve their needs. In addition, continuous improvement is very important to us and we’re constantly reviewing processes to ensure that we’re doing all we can to deliver the best quality in the most efficient way for the client.

IMG_0311During the day, I could be advising PMs or troubleshooting, partnering with sales colleagues, advising on best-practices for a new client or requirement, helping with request for proposals (RFPs), visiting clients onsite, whether it’s for a discovery, maintaining our relationship or for a QBR.

Welocalize always aims to provide that added value to our clients. We are always looking to see what we can do better. We like to go the extra mile and make sure that we are not only meeting expectations, but exceeding them. We can predict client challenges and solve them before the client even knows they will have them. This kind of customer service is also backed up by our high-quality deliverables. I love that Welocalize is totally flexible in what we are able to offer to our clients and I enjoy tailoring processes, tools and methodologies to match their needs.

A client recently said to me it’s just like we are a part of their team. Sometimes they forget that we are their language services provider because they feel we are always there to support them and are just an extension of their team, a true partner. This is the best accolade we could get and that is the kind of customer service that we consistently strive to deliver, and if the client is happy, then I’m happy.



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