Getting to Know Welocalize and Agostini Associati

Day in the Life of Guido Panini, Sales and Marketing Manager at Agostini Associati, a Welocalize Company

getting to know agostiniWe are proud to launch a new series of blog posts entitled: Getting to Know Welocalize. People and talent differentiate Welocalize in the localization and translation industry. We believe the best way to highlight this, beyond the work that we do every day, is to let our team members share with you a day in their life – in their words. This is a new view into the diversity, culture and expertise that makes up the Welocalize Global Team and our ongoing commitment to doing things differently.

The first post in this new series is from Agostini Associati,  a Welocalize company and leader in financial translations and language services. Welocalize acquired Milan-based Agostini in November 2014. In this blog, Agostini’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Guido Panini, describes his working day.

Welocalize’s office in Milan is very close to the center of the city. At this time of year, Milan is waking up early in the morning with an unusual summer heat of 39°C degrees and a typical smell of Italian coffee that comes from the various bars and cafes.

I have worked for Agostini Associati since 2006. My first day was the day after Italy won the soccer World Cup! My role is managing the marketing and new business development strategy for Agostini Associati. I have a lot of background in finance since I studied business and administration both in Milan, Italy, and in the United States. I previously held marketing roles for six years at tax consultancy and audit companies.

My day starts very early having a good strong espresso by the lake. I actually live in Como. I catch the first train to Milan, where I start reading the latest financial news online on “IlSole24Ore” – the most important and prestigious Italian financial newspaper. I should mention, they are also an Agostini (Welocalize) client.  The typical news I am looking for is about companies that are willing to get listed on the stock market and that are preparing an initial public offering (IPO), as well as global corporations opening of new Italian branches, Italian firms signing international commercial agreements, new managers’ designations and those making news with the creation of new brand with global focus.

We need to stay aware of all key activities in the financial services sector for our clients and prospects. Because we specialize in financial translations, this means we must have in-depth knowledge of global activities in the finance world. Each news item could provide us with fundamental information on our clients and prospects potential translation needs, including: annual reports, corporate governance, transfer pricing, due diligence, M&A, economic prospectuses and shareholder communications.

My early hours are then dedicated to coordinating our marketing activities and in particular to calling prospects. The remaining part of the morning is spent on calls to newly acquired clients to gain their feedback on our financial translations and potentially obtain new referrals.

The biggest challenge related to financial translation requests is timing. Financial documents are often high-volume papers. Most of the time, these documents contain critical information and always must be translated with urgency. As a marketer, it is very important to get all the information (told and untold) from our clients and prospects to identify their specific needs and direct them with the right project managers (PMs), who can provide them with the right quote and appropriate economic offer.

At the Milan office, we work very closely as a team. I may have a sales and marketing focus; however, I spend a lot of time working with the PM’s, our internal translation department, our legal advisors and our Chief Sales Executive at Agostini. This is the most efficient way to share information quickly and fulfill our clients and prospects requirements in short periods of time. Part of my role is to pull together information for RFPs and this involves reacting quickly, as translations for the large financial service providers are often required immediately and with a short deadline – it’s the nature of the business.

We’ve recently been very busy because our marketing team has been working on the half-year financial report promotion, which started with an Google AdWords campaign and ends with a specific financial proposal based on the analysis of previously translated documents (annual and interim financial reports). Our PMs are continually receiving requests for half-year report translations, usually up to the end of August. Some are already scheduled and some come in from the marketing campaign.

What I like the best of my typical working day is teaming up with wonderful and efficient colleagues, having the opportunity to meet prospects face-to-face and of course the great satisfaction of acquiring new clients through the efforts of all our team (mixed together with four more Italian espressos).

I often leave the office at 18:45, traveling home by train and feel extremely lucky if the train is on time with a free open seat and air conditioning that is working during the summer! While on the train, I usually check final emails, latest financial news and get ready to have a wonderful lake-view dinner with my wife and my little son.

guido paniniAnd that is a day in the life of Guido Panini, Sales and Marketing Manager at Agostini Associati, a Welocalize Company. He is making a difference for our clients and Welocalize.


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Visit Agostini Associati at or review our Financial Services highlights here.


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