Get Your Content Read More with These Five Tips

By Louise Law

488641585With more than 27 million pieces of content shared each day, the cliche “content is king” has never been more true. I recently wrote an article for Communicator Magazine “The Ever-Changing Face of Content,” which talks about the massive growth of the online consumer and their ferocious appetite for great content in their own language. You can download the article by clicking on Communicator 2014 Autumn Article by Louise Law – Global Content.

We, as content marketers, have our work cut out for us to meet these demands.  Here are five tips to get people to pay more attention to your content:

  1. Use visual content. Posts with videos attract three times more inbound links than plain text posts (source: With 85% of the US audience watching videos online, putting multimedia in your content makes sense. Content marketers could learn lessons from the recent vlogger phenomenon that’s sweeping YouTube. Vloggers have serious influence on their target audience. Their influence exceeds that of Justin Beiber, Rihanna and One Direction. Vloggers with high numbers of fans, followers and channel subscribers can earn thousands for mentioning products in their online video diaries and tutorials to their millions of fans. They work hard at keeping their content real, fresh and interact regularly with their fans.
  2. Keep tweets shorts. Yes, even shorter than 140 characters. According to Twitter best practice research by Buddy Media, the ideal length of a tweet is 100 characters. Remember to include @ mentions and schedule tweets if your schedule is crazy. Don’t fully automate though – keep interacting.
  3. Facebook Content. Brands should post Facebook content on a Wednesday and Sunday. Plus, 40 characters or less is the ideal length of a Facebook post, according to Jeff Bullas’ study of retail brands on Facebook. The 40 character post receives 86% higher engagement than others. Keep fans engaged by driving them to your website with links to web content in your posts.
  4. The ideal length of a headline is six words (source: KISSmetrics). That can be tough for us content creators; however, research states that we don’t only scan body copy, we also scan headlines. If you can say it in six words, great. If not, make sure the first and last three words matter. Without a good headline, no one will read your content. The best meta-description length is 150 to 160 characters. Search engines generally truncate any description longer than 160 characters.
  5. What’s the right blog length? It’s a myth that short is best for blogs. The ideal length of a blog is seven minutes of average reading time, which is about 1,600 words (source: The longer you blog and word count, the more back-links you’ll get. More back-links means better SEO, which leads to more conversion and revenue. Length is not the only thing that matters. Your blog content must have substance, flow, style and post content often! If you use multimedia in your blogs – infographics, videos, images – word count becomes irrelevant anyway.

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