Five Reasons to Get Excited about GlobalSight 8.5.1

Welocalize has just announced the latest release of GlobalSight 8.5.1. This new release brings with it a raft of new features and functionality to make life better and easier for users. Anthony Kenny, senior technical writer at Welocalize and established member of the GlobalSight Development Team, shares highlights of the update and cool new features.

Anthony1The main goal for this release of GlobalSight is to improve user experience in terms of quality, visibility and usability. In no particular order, here are the best bits:

  1. Check for Segments Not Translated: Are you sure? A message now pops up when translators try to complete an activity that still contains segments that have not been translated. Translators are then prompted to approve it as “not translated” or open the file again and finish the translation.
  2. Translation Status for Offline Uploads: Translators can now check the translation status when uploading translations during offline work. A translation status shows, allowing translators to ensure that they have translated all segments necessary. Results below 100% are highlighted in red.
  3. Translated Text in My Activities: Translators can now check the Translated Text percentage for each activity in My Activities, without needing to open each activity separately.
  4. Job Creation Status: Project Managers can now instantly view and track the status of jobs that they are uploading. This extra visibility is particularly useful for Project Managers that upload several jobs at once.
  5. Reporting improvements: Many of the key reports have been streamlined and simplified to bring further clarity and improve usability. A new reporting feature allows project managers to view the status of all live, running reports and download or delete selected reports. All reports are now automatically generated in xlsx format.

I look forward to getting GlobalSight 8.5.1 out into the community. Here are the GlobalSight 8.5.1 release notes, including product documentation, bug tracker and forums. You can download the new version of GlobalSight at and


Welocalize is hosting two GlobalSight webinars, presented by Steve Billings, Senior Solutions Architect at Welocalize.

Introduction to GlobalSight: An overview of GlobalSight and how it works. This webinar will take place December 11, 2013 16:00 GMT / 11:00 EST.

Click here to register for the webinar.

New features in GlobalSight 8.5.1: A walkthrough of the new features included in this release. This webinar will take place December 18, 2013 16:00 GMT / 11:00 EST.

Click here to register for the webinar

GlobalSight is Welocalize’s Translation Management System (TMS) that manages and streamlines all of the tasks involved in the translation process. Tasks include requesting new translations, quoting, project management, translating, reviewing, desktop publishing (DTP), reporting and more. Being open-source, GlobalSight is free, flexible, highly-customizable and easily integrated with both open standard solutions and key proprietary software.