Five Benefits of Open Source Software

174485544Welocalize recently launched the latest version of open source translation management system (TMS), GlobalSight 8.5.6.  Recently featured on, the article “GlobalSight shines with open source in the translation community,” takes a closer look at Welocalize’s TMS system. Welocalize’s Louise Donkor shines a light on open source software (OSS) and shares her reasons as to why OSS has many benefits.

Open source software (OSS) allows users to share, improve and examine the freely available source code, rendering it open to all sorts of advantages. All types of entities take advantage of open source.  OSS is utilized by several Wall Street banks and the usage of open source is also encouraged for government departments when selecting technology.

Here are a few of the benefits of open source software:

  • Think OSS isn’t secure? Think again. With the availability of the source code, there are more people checking for any security breaches or vulnerabilities and a larger group of developers. Users are not subject to accepting a certain level of security, they can customize their security as and when they need it.
  • Having open source software tends to mean interoperability, an important principal of open source. OSS does not discriminate against file formats, protocols. Data can be exchanged, regardless of the various programs it can run on. As an example, the open source GlobalSight TMS has two online review editors that are used for translating as well as editing. They support several files types such as XML, HTML, Word and more. You can also work offline by downloading a translation kit, optimized for your chosen offline system, for example Trados and OmegaT. Similar to other TMS’, GlobalSight is able to handle multiple file formats, including IDML, INDD and the new Xliff seamlessly.
  • Any pesky bugs that may appear in proprietary software can be left there until the next upgrade is released and maybe not even then will they be fully eliminated. With OSS, bugs can be quickly removed or ‘patched’, thanks to the available source code and large community of developers resulting in markedly improved quality.
  • Open source software can be very cost-effective, making it accessible to businesses big and small. It can be free or purchased for a fraction of the price of closed source software. It has several noted benefits that closed source software does not have, including a variety of different options often for a much lower price. It also keeps costs down for the customer. Streaming giant Netflix is able to charge very competitive prices because their open source software allows them to focus their energy on content and not building an operating system. The result, lots of customers to flock to their site to view the latest visual entertainment.
  • OSS is also known to be flexible and can be customized for your needs. OSS is on your terms and can be configured to do what you need it to do. This means you’ll be able to respond faster to any marketplace demands – something very important in the localization industry. You will also be able to keep up with any software development that happen. It will enable your business to advance and innovate in a quicker period of time.

GlobalSight LogoWith all these benefits, open source software is extremely suitable for a translation management system. A TMS like GlobalSight can also be connected to a content management system (CMS), making managing foreign language content easier and more streamlined.

Open source software is growing, with more and more high profile businesses taking notice and embracing it. Welocalize is dedicated to using innovative tools and approaches to helping businesses achieve their global goals. It is one of our key differentiators to our tech-enabled localization and translation solutions.  The benefits of open source software makes perfect sense to Welocalize.

Louise Donkor

Louise Donkor is a member of Welocalize’s Global Marketing and Business Support Team.

Learn more about GlobalSight at  Read the full article on here: GlobalSight shines with open source in the translation community.