Excitement and Energy surrounds Machine Translation topic at LocLeaders Forum. Betty Galiano, CEO, Ocean Translations

Early in June, I travelled from Argentina to London; it was a long trip but with no regrets. I enjoyed every minute of it. LocWorld was a great conference and I learnt a lot.

What I did take great advantage of was attending the Welocalize LocLeaders event, the day before LocWorld. A very well chosen location – the 28th floor of the Millbank Tower in Westminster – awesome view!
Table-wevI must admit, I felt flattered that Ocean Translations was invited to this event; a very open and generous attitude from Welocalize, to have their staff, clients and a bunch of their vendors share a day to talk about common problems. Problems like centralization of the language department, budget restraints, quality metrics, CAT tools, translator-reviewer consistency, tight deadlines and more. All the topics were carefully chosen to enable us to view the localization chain from different angles: the client, the company (LSP) and the vendor. We are all streamlining processes and enhancing interaction with the common goal – to get the best outcome for the end user.

The energy in the room was unbelievable, the atmosphere relaxed, the speakers were outstanding. Meetings of this sort DO open up our minds to understand what clients do to overcome hurdles, improve efficiency, and develop new strategies to tackle volume and reduce cost.


What was the hot topic of this very exciting and relaxed meeting? Machine Translation (MT). When asked about what our linguists think about MT-post editing I tried to be very honest: “Young translators like it, especially those who are tech-savvy.  Once they are used to it, their production increases. Generally, they do not have to worry about delivering the best quality, provided consistent terms are used. It is like CAT tools. First we resented them now we can´t live without them. Whether we like it or not, Machine Translation is here to stay. It will be the job of developers to strive and offer us better tools to make our lives easier. Am I scared about our future? Definitely not! It will boost production.”

Betty Galiano, CEO, Ocean Translations.