Emerging Markets and Localizing for Brazil

BrazilWelocalize’s Louise Law and Ellen Donaldson recently contributed a feature article titled “Localizing for Brazil: a nation on the rise” for the Multilingual April/May 2014 edition.  The following are some excerpts from the article along with a access to the full version for the article.

Recent research by PricewaterhouseCoopers indicates that Brazil will become the fourth largest global economy by 2050. With a population of 202 million and a steadily growing economy, combined with the aforementioned up and coming global sporting events, it is no great surprise that marketers and companies are looking to Brazil to seize business opportunities for product and consumer global market expansion.

For Language Service Providers (LSPs) this means more work on the horizon for localization of content into Brazilian Portuguese. As more global businesses enter the Brazilian market and as Brazilian consumers get even greater spending power, globalization managers and LSPs need to make sure they are ready for this key emerging market. With Brazil hosting this year’s football (soccer) championship and future Olympic Games, more than 200 countries and 180 languages will unite.

Welocalize recently conducted extensive market research on language services for BRIC nations. Due to the significance of Brazil as a rapidly emerging market, the latest study for English to Brazilian Portuguese language services unveiled expansive opportunities that lie in the Brazilian market and how it will impact the language services supply chain.

The research team conducted a survey of seven existing English to Brazilian Portuguese language vendors, all based in Brazil, to discover the challenges they faced in 2013-2014.

You can review the summary of this research and the key findings in complete published article here: Multilingual_AprilMay2014_LocalizingBrazil_WelocalizeLouiseLaw