E-Learning and Training Localization

E-learning localization makes training more accessible.
A multimedia approach keeps employees and customers engaged and ready to learn.
For life sciences, technology, manufacturing, finance and any industry teaching complex, technical concepts.

  • 5000+ hrs
    E-Learning Content Annually

    1500+ hrs
    Video Localized Annually
  • 2500+ hrs
    Subtitles Annually

    Audio Engineers
  • 80
    Recording Booths Globally

    Voice Talents
  • 150
    Audio Testers

Any Audience. Any Language.

  • End-to-End E-Learning

    Multimedia training and education for global teams, customers and partners. Full support and expert guidance during production, from start to post.

  • Full-Service Video and Audio Localization

    Video = the most preferred e-learning platform in use today. Video and audio e-learning keeps users engaged and learning in their preferred language.

  • On-Screen Text or Text to Speech

    On-screen text in over 250 languages. Text to speech (TTS) in a personalized, natural voice. TTS is a cost-effective alternative to studio and voice talent costs.

  • Transcription

    Capture a wide audience of e-learners with transcripts in multiple languages created from video and/or audio files.

  • Voice Over (VO) or Subtitles

    Script preparation, translation, VO recording and sync services created by teams in the US, South America, Europe and Asia. Embed subtitles in video or create closed captioning files.

Transforming E-Learning Content

Localization Provider for Top Brands

81% of businesses are now using video as a part of their digital marketing strategy.

“Consider localization from the outset. Consider the possibilities of text expansion (Russian takes up 40% more space than English), how subtitles may fit, whether motion graphics can easily have text edited, and how a voice over can be easily synched to the source material.”

Michael Anderson, Senior Multimedia Engineer, Welocalize

97% of marketers claim that videos help their customers better understand products.​

  • Top

    Adobe, Techsmith and Articulate masters create the ultimate e-learning/language combo.

  • Follow the Sun Support

    In-house teams and global supply chains in multiple time zones = localized content at any hour.

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