Chris Phillips from STP Nordic Translations talks about this year’s Welocalize vendor summit….

Chris Phillips_BW[2]
Chris Phillips is Account and Process Manager at language services company, STP Nordic, one of Welocalize’s key vendors, translating to and from the Nordic languages. STP has worked with Welocalize for over 8 years.

Chris recently attended the Welocalize Vendor Summit, which took place last month in Dublin. Here’s what he had to say….

This was your fourth summit?
Yes – I went to the first Welocalize vendor summit in 2010 when it was held in the Welocalize offices in Dublin.

Why do you attend?
We’ve built up a strong, deep, relationship with Welocalize over the years and we strongly believe there are mutual benefits in taking part in the summit. It gives us a chance to meet up with all the vendor managers who we’re in regular contact with all year. It’s good we can contribute to the way we work together. Means we can evolve and grow as a vendor.

What did you talk about most this year?

Operational Excellence (OPEX) and technology. We also presented the connector we’ve developed together with Welocalize, to connect the Welocalize Vendor Portal with our project management system. This kind of sharing helps other vendors.

What was the most interesting discussion you took part in?

It would be the presentations and discussion around what everyone is doing to eliminate waste – Operational Excellence. The technology people have used to achieve this – really interesting to see how we are all doing things differently to try to achieve a common goal.

What are your stress points?
(Word) rate pressures will always be at the top of the list but I would also add continuous (on-demand) localization. New accounts keep us on our toes too.

Anything on your wishlist?
I’d like more interoperability with the file formats for CAT tools. Maybe the new XLIFF format will take us one step closer….

Why Welocalize?
I’ve grown with Welocalize and they’ve encouraged me to adapt to new market demands. When we’ve needed to talk, we’ve talked. It is really reassuring to know they will always listen and evolve. Welocalize does do things differently. They nurture the relationships they have with their vendors.