Celebrating the New Year Around the World

Happy New Year Welocalize 2015When the clock strikes midnight, revelers around the world celebrate the expectations of the coming year. No matter where we are on the globe, New Year’s Eve is a day that we understand will be filled with universal festivities.  Every hour on the eve of 2015, we know our fellow global citizens have another reason to cheer for 2015.

Yet, the New Year is not only recognized in different times around the world, it is also celebrated in different ways and different months. From throwing plates in doorways to eating grapes, we share eight different ways people around the world like to ring in the New Year.  How are your celebrating your welcoming of 2015?  Here are how some of our friends around the world kick-off the beginnings of the New Year.

Fiji – Fiji is one of the first countries to celebrate the New Year according to the Gregorian calendar and celebrations there can last for the whole week. Street parties are thrown with traditional Fijian dances such as the Meke and locals spray each other with water and light fireworks.

Japan – The New Year is one of the most popular holidays in Japan. It’s seen as a time for renewal and the chance to leave problems behind. Time off from work is taken on New Year’s Day and children are given gifts with money inside. The Japanese also send New Year’s cards to each other.

China – The New Year in China is also known as the Spring Festival. The Chinese calendar is lunisolar, so the New Year occurs on dates between January 21 and February 20. Red envelopes with money inside are given and the amount must be an even number!

Spain – It is tradition in Spain to eat twelve grapes at midnight in order to ensure twelve months of happiness for the coming year! People also gather in town squares to watch fireworks and drink cava.

Denmark – In Denmark, throwing dishes in someone’s doorway means that they will have many friends during the year. The Danish also jump off chairs at the stroke of midnight to bring good luck.

United States – The most famous way to ring in the New Year in the US is the ball drop in Times Square, New York. The time ball on the roof on the building of One Times Square begins its descent one minute prior to midnight and lands at the start of the New Year. This tradition has been going on since 1908.

Panama – In Panama, it is not unusual for effigies to be burnt of recognized people or characters. The effigies are representative of the old year and burning them wards away evil spirits in the New Year.

Colombia – Running around your house with an empty suitcase in the New Year ensures that you will have a year filled with travel in Colombia. Having money in your pocket means financial stability in the coming year and a clean house on New Year’s Eve brings positive energy to your house and family.

However or whenever you decide to celebrate, Welocalize wishes health, prosperity and well wishes for a very Happy New Year!