Another Great LocLeaders Forum with Welocalize…

Lorna Whelan, Senior Localization Manager at TripAdvisor

Picture this, a room filled with localization and translation experts sharing ideas and insights, at the top of a 387’ skyscraper overlooking London – what’s not to like? I’ve shared the stage a few times with Antoine (Rey) and it’s always a great experience. He has the ability to keep the session on track without killing the momentum once the discussion really starts to get interesting.

The more I share about TripAdvisor’s localization strategy, the more I realise how far we have come over the past few years. TripAdvisor is still a young company but over the past 3 years we’ve made incredible progress at implementing a solid localization strategy. By using the CSA’s maturity model and Welocalize’s approach of Operational Excellence, we’re meeting + exceeding TripAdvisor’s international objectives and a key factor is our focus on technology and process automation.

Once the session got started, the room wanted to find out more about TripAdvisor’s approach to using MT on User Generated Content (UGC). At TripAdvisor, we generate loads of UGC. As I said at the session, having MT content on the TripAdvisor site is having a positive effect on traffic. Our MT engines have been trained on UGC (we use human translation for all other content). It gives our users the ability to understand the message – MT provides the level of quality needed and expected for UGC. They simply need to know what is being said. The more languages we can publish in, real-time (almost!) the better our user experience.

As Smith spoke about in his opening session, as more and more information is generated, MT has to be part of the solution, different solutions for different content types.

Once again, I enjoyed taking part in Welocalize’s LocLeaders forum. You see old friends and break the ice with new ones and quickly find out what localization professionals and experts are keen to discuss and share. People value the openness and the trust.

Check out the TripAdvisor infograph: Welocalize workflow reduces 23 step process to 5 steps.