Anna N Schlegel Director, Globalization Programs @ NetApp Inc.

Evacuations, Colleagues and MT.

LOTS of exciting things happened at this year’s LocWorld  & the( Welocalize) LocLeaders Forum. The week of June 10th was a very busy one in London for the localization industry.

The best? Meeting my colleagues… The worst? Being evacuated by a false fire alarm from the hotel at midnight on my last night . Saw some of my colleagues in pjs!


As I only attend LocWorld every couple of years, my favourite thing to do is to meet with my esteemed globalization counterparts at HP, DELL, Autodesk, Cisco, TripAdvisor, Nike, Ralph Lauren and talk shop.

One of my favorite days was the Welocalize LocLeaders forum. I got to hear from a small, close group of top globalizers. That’s networking and learning at its best. The setting was fabulous, the conversations were open and we learned from each other. Leading one of the sessions on the topic of centralizing localization and the NetApp GPSO stimulated some great discussion.

WeLocalize conference, London, June 2013

For my time in London, I was interested in hearing about: social media, MT advances and QA levels. This was the buzz….

On social media… A large majority of non-English speakers are posting more of their social media (Facebook, Twitter) in their local language.  Social media is growing rapidly outside of the U.S. (the share of non-English data being shared is growing more rapidly than English).  I was surprised that Asians share more than Americans.

For companies wanting to keep tabs on the “voice of the customer” by tracking social media, this presents a new [localization] challenge.  One possible solution for understanding what is being said is to use MT.


On MT…Attitudes toward MT are evolving.   Customers want information. They are NOT focusing on the beauty and quality of the translation.  Speed and efficiency are becoming the new standards.   The focus is on ensuring that the ideas, features, and benefits are clear. The use of MT is being expanded to forums, communities, lower level pages on digital forums and support knowledge bases. I think the key to making this work is having a good combination of MT and translation memory.

On Language Quality Assurance… Many leading companies are moving away from detailed reviews of everything and moving towards spot checks and exception management.  In some companies, the level of review is driven by the importance of the product.