Achieving Goals and Getting it Right – LocLeaders Vancouver

Jenny Gu VisierJenny Gu is Senior Localization Manager at Visier Inc. Jenny has been in the localization industry for more than 15 years. She took part in the recent LocLeaders Forum 2014 in Vancouver as a panelist for the session, “Does Technology Impact Scale?”.  In this blog, she gives us her highlights from the day meeting with localization peers.

I recently started at Visier to improve the localization function and introduce new techniques and methodologies to help the company grow globally. Software, documentation, training and marketing are all content types that we need localized to operate our global business. We also needed to setup a terminology database, select a translation tool, TMS (translation management system) and automate processes – many challenges and decisions to make to get a successful localization strategy up and running. And all of it? I want to get it right!

The Welocalize LocLeaders Forum in Vancouver came at just the right time for me. Attending an open forum attended by other localization professionals and decision-makers was just what I needed to help me achieve my goal.

Getting to meet industry peers at the LocLeaders Forum was very helpful. We learned from large enterprise companies such as VMware and Google and also exchanged ideas with companies at a similar stage in their localization maturity, such as Avigilon. The panel discussion on risk control, What is Key to Mitigating Risk in your Localization Strategy?, was a really interesting topic. Business process should be designed with potential failure and risks under control. We need to ensure our processes follow the data protection regulation and also have a fall back plan if one point in the workflow breaks.

LocLeaders Technology 3The LocLeaders Forum is a good place to contribute to future improvements of the localization industry. Personally, I’m very excited to see big technology companies such as SAP and Oracle using in-memory technology to significantly improve big data analysis performance.In the localization industry, the pre-translation process always involves multiple TMs (translation memories) that contain millions of segments. When you need to analyze big sets of files, it takes a lot of database queries to get the word count report including fuzzy matches. With the in-memory technology, we should be able to see large files analyzed through multiple large TMs in a matter of seconds. It’s the next big break through I’m waiting to see in enterprise translation management systems. This will allow us to run all content through our CMS (content management system) every day and be able to monitor the volume in real time.

The LocLeaders event went quickly – half a day is not a long time and I think I could have easily carried on the discussions! The event allowed me to meet old friends, establish new connections and take back new ideas and inspirations to implement when I got back to the office.


Jenny Gu, Senior Localization Manager at Visier