Accelerating Growth NetApp’s Globalization Programs Strategy Office

Globalization Innovator Grows from Two Million to 30 Million Words Localized in 18 Languages

NetApp Welocalize Case StudyNetApp is a US-based Fortune 500 company, providing integrated data storage solutions to enable companies to leverage virtualization, cloud computing and storage efficiency. With more than 12,000 employees in 150+ offices worldwide, NetApp services customers and communities all over the world in multiple languages.  Welocalize recognizes NetApp as a globalization innovator.

In 2009, NetApp hired its first globalization director with the goal to design and implement a solid foundation for enterprise-level globalization. The first stop was to bring on a team of professionals and a translation management system capable of launching all NetApp content simultaneously in as many languages as required. Rules of the game, vendors, documentation and consolidation of budgets followed. This foundation is NetApp’s Globalization Programs Strategy Office (GPSO).

Over the past five years, Welocalize has closely supported NetApp in their quest for a proper globalization model. Core to this strategy is ensuring you have the right expertise, partnership, trust and agreements in place to deliver an outstanding program. It is expected that quality, time and cost will always be delivered. All of this has helped the GPSO to focus on future growth and innovation.

“In 2009, I envisioned a Virtual Center with a ‘follow the sun model’ to support any content type, tool, code or system to be globalized for our customers around the globe. We called this Center the GPSO, it allows NetApp to penetrate international markets at faster speeds. Our first vendor partner was Welocalize. Welocalize has been there along the journey to scale and  speed up our processes as a trusted advisor.” Anna Schlegel, Director of NetApp GPSO.

In 2013, NetApp continued to build the capabilities and services through a sophisticated and well defined content classification system and automation combination they call Die Autobahn.

“We work with many companies and I want to point out that the NetApp program is a standout in terms of innovation, partnership and progressive approach to the challenges our industry faces around supply chain interoperability and automation. You (NetApp) are a step ahead of many of your peers and we look forward to pushing even further ahead in our collaboration,” said Smith Yewell, Welocalize CEO.

Using interoperability and tight departmental connections, NetApp’s GPSO is a proven Center of Excellence that now looks ahead to growth demonstrated by local market success in sales, customers, products and solutions, as well as global teamwork.

Over the past five years and since the GPSO was formed, the number of words being localized, edited, published, stored and reused has gone from an annual two million words into six languages to 30 million words into 18 languages. From one department using these services to 12 departments using their services, a success story? Yes!

The next phase of growth has clear targets of 40 million words and expanded globalized programs obviously with the laser focus to increase international revenues.

Check out the Welocalize and the NetApp GPSO story in this new infographic!

NetApp Infograph-higher