8 Reasons Why Your Language Service Provider Should Be Cloud-Enabled

In every industry from the largest enterprises through to new startups, organizations are relying on cloud technology to transform the way they work through improved delivery of internal and external services and increased efficiencies. According to Forrester Research, in 2017, the global public cloud market will exceed $146 billion, up from $87 billion in 2015.

The way companies use the cloud has evolved over the years but one thing is certain; there are many benefits to utilizing the cloud to meet ever evolving and demanding client requirements. Looking to the cloud to deliver IT and services is no longer about deployment but rather about re-engineering infrastructure and strategy to improve performance and deliver efficiencies to clients and their customers. Many millennials and tech savvy leaders only know the cloud, therefore to maintain a competitive edge and attract the next generation workforce, connecting through the cloud is the only option.

In a survey conducted by the Common Sense Advisory in 2013, results showed there was a reluctance for language service providers (LSPs) to move to the cloud. Many respondents stated that cloud-based solutions did not match the functionality of on-site or installed products. There was also resistance to change due to traditional IT concerns such as security, performance and interoperability.

Four years later, Welocalize has witnessed and led a significant change in the IT-approach and delivery of cloud-based services in the localization industry. Cloud technology enables true innovation. Organizations and providers are migrating from local, on-site services to best-in-breed cloud services to gain efficiencies and support innovation. To lead the way in global content transformation, the cloud is the only option to support global brands and clients on the global journey.

As organizations publish more and more global digital content, the most successful infrastructure that supports and underpins the localization and translation of content will be cloud-based.

So why is a cloud-based infrastructure so beneficial to the globalization and localization industry? By its very nature, localization is a global operation that never sleeps. It operates 24/7 therefore requires a global, not local, IT infrastructure to provide the scalability that today’s international organizations demand. Here are eight reasons why cloud-based localization services are the future in the globalization industry:

RESILENCY: Clients benefit from global resiliency of services, protection from local office or regional outages.

EFFICIENCY: The cloud is web-based. There is no ongoing installation, maintenance or monitoring required.

SECURITY: Additional security layers, granular permissions across vendors and secure file-sharing ensures all client data is protected to the highest industry standards.

24/7 OPERATION: Cloud-based systems reduce dependency on the IT team. For an office move or the opening of a new office, IT operations continue un-interrupted.

REMOTE ACCESS: Localization project managers can easily access and monitor projects remotely when not in the office.

VENDOR COLLABORATION: All vendors can have secure access to all project materials. Localization projects can be complex and involve many parties. A cloud-based infrastructure ensures efficient file-sharing and communication. If LSPs have to recruit additional resources, a cloud-based platform enables the pool of talent to be expanded, without concern for location.

ADAPTABILITY: Many language tools are now compatible with the cloud. If LSPs offer a cloud-based services, this enables buyers and suppliers to conduct translations and transactions online.

INNOVATION: Efficiencies and innovation derived from today’s technology products rely on the cloud. The cloud enables the delivery and continuous improvement of the latest services. A cloud-based infrastructure drives innovation.

Moving away from legacy, manual, error-prone processes and server-based software onto modern, secure, resilient cloud services has many advantages for clients in the localization industry. Through innovation and leveraging a cloud-based platform, LSPS can focus on providing exceptional solutions to facilitate the latest localization demands.

For more information about Welocalize Innovation and cloud-enabled localization services, email innovation@welocalize.com