4 Top Tips for an Effective ASO Localization Campaign

Agata Jajszczyk, ASO Manager at Welocalize’s multilingual digital marketing agency, Adapt Worldwide, recently wrote an article on how to drive a successful app store optimization (ASO) localization campaign.

Any organization who wants to truly capitalize on the growing global app economy must have a robust localization strategy in place. An ASO localization strategy doesn’t just mean simply translating titles, descriptions and keywords using the fastest and most cost-effective method, often machine translation. While this can bring quick wins in less-competitive markets, for more popular markets this approach is not sustainable.

In the last couple of years, emerging app markets such as Brazil, Russia, India or Mexico have shown higher growth rates than developed markets. The top 5 countries spending the most time on Android apps are all located outside of North America and Europe.

Welocalize has dedicated ASO teams of experts who work with everyone from global brands to single market operators. Here are our top tips for a truly effective ASO localization campaign:

  1. Hire native speakers with good language skills – they will write correctly and will target relevant keywords

The only assets in which you are potentially allowed to make errors are keywords on iOS (they are not visible to users). All other ASO content (such as the title, screenshots and descriptions) is visible to your audience in the app stores and therefore has an impact on conversion. You simply cannot afford to have low-quality translations if you want your app to be a high-quality product.

  1. Hire native speakers who are marketers and understand ASO

Good copywriters may have excellent skills in the native language, but they must also be experienced in ASO and understand the principles of search in app stores. For example, a marketer experienced in ASO will know how to estimate traffic on keywords and base translations on their knowledge of how users look for apps. Knowledge about real volume on searches in the US

or UK (where Search Ads are available) should be considered when choosing keywords in local markets.

  1. Approach each market individually

But don’t hesitate to test successful tactics in other markets. An iOS Search Ads campaign, available only in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand for now, may also help with establishing which keywords bring the highest conversion rates for your app or game and may be useful when entering new locales.

  1. Consider using a localized ASO services company to cut costs

If you outsource your ASO, make sure you only consider language providers with sufficient experience in multilingual ASO who have a network of to experienced native speakers.

To reach a global audience and extend your app’s presence worldwide:

Choose markets you want to localise in, based on knowledge about phone and app usage, competitors or monetization patterns in a particular country

Localize in-app content – you do not want to be selling an app in a local language if its content is not translated

Localize the app store listing, i.e. written content and other marketing materials (screenshots, video, feature graphic). Don’t forget to have the translations reviewed!

Test, analyse and optimize!

The article first appeared on Priori Data’s blog. Click here to read full article.

Agata Jajszczyk, is ASO Manager at Adapt Worldwide, Welocalize’s multilingual digital marketing agency.


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