Month: February 2022

Welocalize has always believed in helping the industry identify upcoming trends and challenges. Making our industry expert-led sessions accessible for all is a step toward helping managers across industries identify change and strategize by following the shifts. Here are the 5 most popular sessions so far from Welocalize Let’s Go On-Demand Summit: 1. The Localization…

Localization in 2022 is as important as ever. Across all sectors, global businesses are facing change – with an explosion of content, increased digital transformation, and customers all over the world adapting how they interact with content. We’ve compiled a guide, ‘The Localization Manager’s Guide to Everything… 2022,’ based on the popular Let’s Go summit sessions….

We’ve all been there. You work flat out to develop content in time for your deadline for your next software release. You cheer when it’s finally completed. Only to remember you need to translate the product and content into 30 languages. With the same deadline.   If this scenario churns your stomach, you’re not alone….