2016 Ranking by Common Sense Advisory: 7th Largest in the World, 4th Largest LSP in US

In the Common Sense Advisory Language Services Marketing: 2016 Report, Welocalize has made a significant move up to 7th place in the ranking industry. Welocalize is now ranked #7 in top 100 language service providers and #4 in North America again in 2016. Common Sense Advisory (CSA), recognizes Welocalize as a leader within the $40 billion global localization industry. The June 2016 report Language Services Market: 2016 analyzed data across a market size of more than 18,000 LSPs. “Welocalize has achieved solid and steady growth by delivering a wider portfolio of innovative language and technology solutions to existing and new clients across the complete product lifecycle, from intellectual property to digital marketing and software validation. We anticipate continued growth and expansion as we partner with industry leaders across all sectors, applying our expertise and specialized services to help them achieve their targeted business goals while earning our position as the most respected and trusted brand in the global language services industry.” – Smith Yewell, CEO and co-founder of Welocalize.