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The Web provides a direct route of communication with billions of brand new potential customers. The proliferation of social media outfits and the emergence of new types of consumers, along with the increasing complexity and disparity of local markets, will force companies to rethink and redefine their global marketing strategies. You need to reach consumers with content that has the right balance between global consistency and local relevance.  Miguel Gonzalez provides recommendations for web localization in a new white paper:

Welocalize Ready for Global Marketing Guide to Web Localization

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FACT: Between now and 2025, a billion more people will be born, almost all in emerging markets according to Deloitte’s Business Trends 2014 Report

In order to achieve maximum impact in terms of local market penetration and return on content, Web translation must be an integral part of your global content strategy, fully aligned with your corporate message architecture and overall communication and marketing goals.

Only 27% of Internet users speak English

In the white paper, we discuss the following areas relating to global marketing and web localization:

  1. Know Thy Content
  2. Starting at the Source
  3. SEO Rules the Web
  4. Focusing on the Target
  5. Making Content Flow
  6. Delivering Meaningful User Experiences
  7. The Power of UGC
  8. Welocalize Web Solutions and Web Expertise

For 75% of Internet buyers having access to translated product information is a deciding factor when choosing between two similar products.

The experience matters! The faster users can find content in their own language that is relevant to their country or geographical region, the higher the chance that they will stay online and buy your product or service. In order to retain that potential customer,you will also need to adapt your web navigation and interaction processes to local standards and customs.

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