what we do

what we do

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You know those manuals that come with your new gadget or latest software?

Well, it’s our job to translate those instructions into other languages so that people
around the world can use that same gadget and understand how it works.
And that’s why Welocalize is a must have partner for selling technology products globally.


elearning + courseware

Computer-based training modules and classroom materials or eLearning
applications all require special attention when it comes to localization.

Because when you’re teaching someone something new, it isn’t just what you say – it’s also how you say it.
Fortunately, our experienced team understands the cultural and technological challenges involved
in preparing eLearning + Courseware for students from Korea to Kansas.

Click here to read more in the Welocalize Guide to Learning Multimedia Localization


global marketing

Our marketing translation services allow you to advertise products around the world
while keeping your messages on target and ensuring the consistency of your brand.

Whether you’re expanding into new markets, building global relationships or trying to increase sales
– Welocalize services provide marketing opportunities as wide as the world.
Our specialties include: print advertising, websites, audio/video translation, email campaigns.

Read more about our Welocalize Transcreation Services for Global Brands.



Park IP Translations is the world’s leading patent and legal language translation consultancy.

Together we’re setting a higher standard in patent prosecution and international litigation linguistic support.
So we can help you protect your “new best thing” as well as market it.



It’s a visual world and multinational corporations rely on audio and video presentations
to train, educate and motivate their target audiences more than ever before.

Welocalize helps these corporations and other clients achieve global success by
creating subtitles, dubbing, and voice-overs for their multimedia communications.

Click here to read more in the Welocalize Guide to Multimedia Localization



There are a lot of steps involved in localizing software for various target markets.

We start by looking at the graphics, user interface and functionality of the product.
Then we check that error messages are displayed in the correct language.
We also review any enclosed documents such as the product registration
form to make sure they’re consistent with the rest of the package.
All of this is to ensure that your software products are prepared perfectly for every target audience.


quality assurance + testing

Are your products and services market-ready for global expansion?

Our around the sun coverage helps you meet tight deadlines and meet your launch goals
You can depend on our scalable secure Testing Labs in Jinan, China and Portland, Oregon
We have more than 300 in-country testing partners and experts
Coverage spans 52 locales testing all content types for all platforms, including mobile devices, browsers, virtual, desktops + servers

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What can we say? We’re experts in localization, so it stands to reason
that we’re the best at finding the right addition to your team.

Let us help you find the best and brightest with our full-service westaffing solutions.
Our flexible model helps you find contract onsite + offsite testers, linguists, native speakers, engineers and program managers.
We offer full testing facilities and testers and can help you find the best resources and team members for direct hire.
Let us find your next in-house translators, language specialists, vendor managers and technical writers.
Click below for more information on our westaffing services.

user interface/user assistance

People in different countries expect different things from websites
and software applications.

To ensure that your Web content attracts and satisfies site visitors on a global basis,
you need to accommodate these variations by localizing your User Interface.
In addition, cultural differences effect how user assistance should be provided.
With expertise in both translation and cultural diversity, we’ll work with you on developing
your UI and UA so your Internet offerings are more accessible to the whole world.



Today your website is often the first and strongest impression customers
have of your global company.

Welocalize ensures that your site makes the best possible presentation
of your company’s quality and offerings whatever language you choose.

Click here to read more in the Welocalize Guide to Web Localization


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