machine translation overview

machine translation overview

Welocalize is a recognized leader and expert in machine translation.  Our Language Tools and weMT programs continue to gain momentum as adoption skyrockets.

what is machine translation?

In the simplest of definitions, it is translation carried out by a computer.  Most in the industry refer to machine translation as automation.  It is the translation of source language content into the target language through automation, without human translation. Post editing and light post editing are human translation applications to machine translation that can increase the quality and accuracy of the translation.

what is driving the use of machine translation today?

  • Massive amounts of content produced every day needed a fast, effective translation solution
  • Ability to reduce costs of translation
  • High volume of Internet content source language is English
  • The growing demand to translate “lower quality” content like user-generated content (UGC)
  • The fact that quality of MT keeps improving with new technologies, innovations and research

As part of our best practices, we are sharing resources and training to help push our industry forward as we continue to develop innovative tools to increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase productivity.

foundations of machine translation + post editing training

Basics Course I

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