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weimpact low is a cost-effective solution for fast translation of valuable real-time content.

Businesses today are often crushed by content.  Volumes and volumes of user generated feedback, social media, product data are sitting in “vaults” and only valuable in the source language.  Businesses need an efficient way to translate big data, social media and UGC content that previously was too costly and time-consuming to localize. Welocalize’s weimpact low solution meets this demand. 


The ingredients for successful weimpact low are machine translation (MT) with light post-editing (PE) or human translation (HT) Welocalize People Sourcing™ for real time translation.  

The percentage of translation completed between MT and HT will be the MT engine viability and content type. Accuracy is measured by meaning plus variable spelling, grammar and punctuation, country standards and terminology with an emphasis on understanding. Form is completely de-emphasized in the translation requirements, while understanding, speed and cost are primarily drivers. Production is set to deliver fast turnaround.  

Examples of low weimpact content types include:

  • content is generally user-generated (UGC)
  • social media
  • high demand and large source data
  • groups and community-driven content
  • customer service information and contacts
  • reviews
  • product descriptions + catalogs
  • tourist materials
  • correspondence
  • internal communications
  • legal support materials 

Welocalize understands there is an appetite for instant availability of content in new media and big data environment where standards  are relaxed or irrelevant and turnaround time is critical. Touch points are high, impressions matter and the customer experience is impacted when they users can share and collaborate in multiple languages.

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