weimpact high

weimpact high helps business leaders to drive revenue, increase market share and achieve global growth objectives.

weimpact high is the best localization and translation weimpact solution when there is high value content that requires emphasis on style, tone and register to convey product utility and client brand. 


The ingredients for successful weimpact high are human translation or MT (machine translation) with full PE (post-editing).  

The quality output is correctness and what applies to one geography should apply to another geography.  With defined emphasis by the client brand requirements, translation must be the same from English to another language in tone, brand, form, usability and layout.

Examples of high weimpact content types include:

  • business + commercial communications
  • B2B marketing + about us content
  • sales training, support materials, business training
  • supplier, reseller, distributor, advertiser communications
  • newsletters, surveys, customer service materials
  • content targeted at online advertisers
  • code of ethics + corporate manuals and handbooks
  • retail websites
  • mobile retail applications
  • FAQs

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