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Accessibility to online information reaches all corners of the globe today. From savvy business travels to adventurous globetrotters, consumers want resources to meet their needs — in every language. We are sharing more and more about our experiences.  Companies find it difficult to keep up with the volumes of content that need translating now.

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Welocalize Online Travel and Hospitality Industry Report

The Travel and Hospitality industry knows that future growth is dependent on localization. It takes 12 languages to reach 80% of the world’s population and 21 languages to reach 90%*.  With travelers and tourists creating volumes of valuable user-generated content, global travel and hospitality brands are turning to Welocalize expertise for quick turn-around and quality translation for all content types.

We provide customer-centric translation and localization solutions for leaders for international hotel groups, online travel resources, airlines, including TripAdvisor, Louvre Hotels Group and more.

Our capabilities are broad and diverse. We provide industry-specific solutions for all types of media and content for more than 175 languages. We help in real-time translation of user-generated content, website localization and optimization, software testing, workflow and program management. We even help localize all those travel videos and audio files to help organisations reach all their global consumers.

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Learn how we helped TripAdvisor develop an innovative localization strategy to reach their expanding markets here.

Click here to learn about the top languages for online travel and hospitality companies and why SEO localization is important for travel companies.

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*Common Sense Advisory, 2013

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