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Teaminology™ is a crowdsourcing management platform designed to leverage the knowledge of your experts.

Teaminology Overview

Welocalize’s technology solution brings your community together to collaboratively participate in terminology and translation decision-making. Teaminology allows a terminology and translation manager to load a list of terms into an online tool and send them to a community for a vote.

Teaminology is crowdsourcing, customer experience management and sentiment measurement in one easy-to-use application.

Translators and language vendors use one platform for legacy translations and accessing metadata and multimedia in any language. It allows stakeholders to quickly identify accepted and rejected terms. Users can crowdsource entire new sentences. It is better governance and builds confidence you are using the best translation defined by your experts – in every location and language.

Teaminology allows a terminology manager to load a list of terms into the system and send them out to a community.

1. The community might be internal employees or perhaps a user group or other external crowd.

2. The community then have a window of opportunity to vote on the proposed translation of a term, or propose a new translation for the term if they feel they need to.

3. After a predefined time frame, the terminology manager can then make a decision to use certain translations based on how the crowd has voted – removing the subjectivity from the process, and providing a means for in country users to provide early feedback.

The system also tracks the activity of the community, using meritocracy to highlight the most active users, most accurate users, etc. The system also provides detailed reporting on the trends of the crowd in terms of how and when they vote.

Learn more here Teaminology Overview

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