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When businesses look to globalize and publish digital content to reach local audiences, a common stumbling block is the simple confusion between direct translation and transcreation. Although they may sound similar they are very different and can ultimately make an impact on the success of your brand or product in your desired target country. Transcreation […]

Digital ads will lead the way for global media growth in the next four years, accounting for 33% of total advertising revenue, nearly catching TV in the process. So it’s no surprise that marketing dollars are widely being invested to make advertising more relevant across global markets and languages using translation. A lot of advertisers […]

As more and more apps are available for download, how do brands ensure they are found in the millions of other options?  In this latest post from Adapt Worldwide, a Welocalize multilingual digital marketing agency, experts detail how search engine optimization (SEO) and app store optimization (ASO) benefit from the digital strategy of mobile deep linking. […]

Interview with Robbie Reddy, Creative Director at Adapt Worldwide, a Welocalize Multilingual Digital Agency Robbie Reddy is Creative Director at Adapt Worldwide, a Welocalize Multilingual Digital Agency. In this blog interview, he talks to Welocalize Global Communications Manager Louise Law about the explosion of digital content and what global marketers must consider when creating digital […]

In the second in a series of Welocalize blog posts on best practices for app store optimization (ASO) and app localization, Agata Jajszczyk, ASO specialist at Adapt Worldwide, a Welocalize multilingual digital marketing agency, focuses on practical tips that will help you get the most out of your app localization efforts. Take these suggestions into […]

Top Tips for a Successful Intern Program by Samantha Henderson It has long been acknowledged that schools and universities provide excellent recruitment opportunities for fresh new talent in any industry, and the localization industry is no different. Welocalize has had an intern program since 2012 and we’re driving a top talent initiative to grow and nurture […]

Geofencing and In-Store Beacons by Emma Cox There are a number of new mobile marketing techniques that digital marketers can use to reach global customers. The increased usage of smartphones and mobile apps has encouraged global marketers to use mobile as a key branding platform and to personalize digital content and the user experience through the development […]

Interview with Huw Aveston, Co-Managing Director at Adapt Worldwide, a Welocalize Multilingual Digital Marketing Agency In February 2016, Welocalize announced the acquisition multilingual digital marketing agency, Adapt Worldwide, formerly known as Traffic Optimiser. Huw Aveston is one of Adapt Worldwide’s co-founders and now co-managing director. Huw is a digital marketing veteran having worked with more […]

Today, countries across Europe and around the world celebrate Europe Day. This annual event is a chance for European countries to celebrate the culture and heritage of Europe and its many diverse states and regions. Every year, the day carries a different theme. The theme for Europe Day 2016 is “Unity in Diversity.” This phrase […]

Welocalize recently launched an updated to the open source translation management system (TMS), GlobalSight. Details on the release are noted here: Welocalize Releases GlobalSight 8.6.7.  In this blog, Senior Software Engineer at Welocalize, Andrew Gibbons, guides us through some of the key features and benefits of this latest GlobalSight release. After almost a year of hard work, […]

Welocalize General Manager of Japan and VP of Asia Pacific, Mark Shriner recently wrote an article about the price, quality and time “tripod model” for translation services. This article appeared in Multilingual Magazine for the April/May 2016 edition. Mark has worked in the language service industry for more than 10 years and he discusses how […]

There are 45,508 companies listed in stock exchanges around the world – the number of unlisted companies reaching millions. Each company has to produce financial content to ensure it is reporting to its shareholders and meeting the financial regulatory obligations and accounting principles of financial and governmental institutions. Although most public companies are listed on […]

Alex Yanishevsky, Senior Manager of Solutions Architects on the Technology Solutions team at Welocalize, has been enhancing the technology that powers Welocalize’s Teaminology solution. In this blog, he writes about the importance of consistent terminology and shares his latest updates on the Teaminology solution process. Harnessing the power of a global, multilingual crowd has become […]

Company annual reports are significant company communications that outlines a company’s activities for the year. They often have a wide audience, including employees, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders. An annual report may be the first piece of documentation read about a company and often fulfills a legal requirement of trading, as well as the highest […]

A Welocalize and Avigilon Case Study Avigilon Corporation, a trusted security solutions provider, required a scalable globalization strategy that centralized localization and translation activities to meet rapid global growth in demand for its products and manage high volumes of variable content. Avigilon wanted to work with a language service provider (LSP) large enough to manage […]

Based in Milan, Italy, Claudio Dal Zotto is General Manager at Agostini Associati, a Welocalize company and specialist in financial translation language services. Through Agostini, Welocalize experts work as trusted advisors to localize all types of financial content and annual report translation. Claudio Dal Zotto recently joined Welocalize and has over 20 years of experience […]

Welocalize Interview with Liz Thomas Evaluating language quality has always been a big challenge for the localization industry. In the past, variables such as content type, budget, speed and intent were not factors when designing a translation quality assurance program. The inability to consider all variables supporting a global content strategy often results in undefined […]

We recently posted the Welocalize Guide to International Etiquette in Asia, which focuses on some of the traditions and cultural expectations to be observed when doing business within Asia. In a continuation of our Guide to International Business Etiquette blog series, here are some insights on business etiquette in Europe. In the globalization best practices, developing […]

Any commercial and non-profit institution has a wealth of financial-related content. The host of stakeholders is broad, including central, investment and commercial banks, insurance companies, mergers and acquisition brokerage and investment capital firms, accountancy firms and investor relation agencies, as well as non-financial organizations. Within these organizations and at the corporate headquarters of any publicly traded […]

On Monday, April 4, 2016, the Ching Ming or Qingming Festival, also known as “Tomb-Sweeping Day,” takes place in China. This Chinese festival falls on the first day of the fifth solar term of the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar and is recognized as a national holiday in China. Welocalize operates two large centers of excellence […]

E-commerce is big in Asia and a growth industry. Local Asian retailers are increasing e-commerce activities as well as global players entering these new markets to expand globally. Rising wealth and a growing middle class provides revenue opportunities for organizations selling their products and services in Asia. Independent research firm, Common Sense Advisory, published its […]

Welocalize has more than 700 employees around the world and 16 global office locations. As a culturally diverse, global organization we often observe the many traditions and celebrations of our colleagues that are both local, national and worldwide.  Diversity also means that many of the celebrations are unique to geographies or take place at different […]

New research by Gartner reveals that digital marketing is leading the way in 2016. According to Gartner, marketers are planning to increase their investment in digital commerce. A key component of any global digital marketing strategy is localization. Developing multilingual digital marketing campaigns to meet local needs is one area that is growing in localization […]

The following article was recently published by Welocalize and, the leading news website covering the language services and technology industry. In the piece, Slator looks at the strategic convergence of global marketing and localization, driven by a rapid growth in online digital marketing activities. Slator worked with Huw Aveston, Managing Director of Adapt Worldwide, to gain […]

Derek McCann is Chief Customer Officer for North America at Welocalize. Derek joined Welocalize last year from Microsoft where he worked for 23 years. His latest position at Microsoft was Senior Director Internationalization and Localization, holding senior responsibility for the Microsoft Windows localization program. In July 2015, Derek launched Microsoft Windows simultaneously in 110 languages. In […]

Launching global e-commerce sites is a relatively fast and effective way to reach new markets, compared to the traditional brick and mortar retail business models. Online retailers know that adding language sites, with the right delivery and support infrastructure, helps to expand market share and grow revenue. Trading online can also have its share of challenges […]

We recently posted, Welocalize Guide to International Business Etiquette, which looked at some of the language, traditions and cultures to be observed in certain areas of the world when conducting business. This blog focuses specifically on business etiquette in Asia, observing some important business traditions in India, Korea, Vietnam, China and Japan. India In India, when […]

The global expansion of the Internet use for conducting business has greatly contributed to a revolution for the way we buy goods and services. This is demonstrated by the fact that global e-commerce sales grew by 25% in 2015. This trend in e-commerce allows global businesses to trade more efficiently with consumers and other businesses around […]

Localizing your e-commerce site and any associated digital marketing strategy is an effective way to expand and reach new customers and local markets. Research consistently shows that online customers prefer to research and buy items in their own language and culture. According to independent research firm, Common Sense Advisory, 56% of consumers say that the […]

Software market requirements are changing quickly. More and more technology companies want their products to be released to market faster to meet demand and to rapidly integrate client expectations into their products in real-time. This introduces a lot of innovation in software development, validation and the technology industry. It is one of the reasons agile […]

Welocalize recently attended eTail 2016 West Conference held in Palm Springs, California, February 22-26, 2016. It represented an opportunity to engage in conversation and share localization best practices with clients and colleagues involved in global e-commerce and online retail activities. The eTail West 2016 event brought together over 2,500 retail professionals from several different industries […]

We often emphasize localization and cultural adaptation as a part of growth strategies, in particular when it relates to various content types, digital marketing campaigns, global branding and social media activities. These are not the only ways to successfully integrate your business into new markets and achieve global growth. There are many ways a business can […]

In today’s universal marketplace, businesses who wish to go global are turning more and more towards using social media platforms and other digital marketing methods such as emails, blogs and web campaigns. These channels empower businesses to engage in real time and create a dialogue with influencers and buyers in small bits of content. The speed […]

Learning retention and impact is highly affected by the learner user experience with the content.  All localized learning content and software should go through rigorous quality assurance (QA) and testing to ensure content such as images, examples and metaphors are meaningful and appropriate for users for all target cultures. If learning content isn’t culturally appropriate, the […]

A Welocalize and Blackboard Case Study Billions of dollars are spent every year in global education and learning. For organizations all over the world, the priority is user experience. To provide the best user experience and maximize the retention and impact of learning, expert localization of learning content is critical. This means going beyond translating content, instead […]

It started with one word in 1997, the year Welocalize was founded by Smith Yewell. One word that initiated a chain reaction, advancing the way translation services are delivered to global brands. That word was Pathfinder. Today, Welocalize manages more than 1.2 billion words a year, 100 million words a month, that’s 3.3 million words per […]

French is the official language of 29 countries, covering Europe, North America, the Caribbean and Africa. French has spread around the world through territorial and colonial expansion, and this has allowed many differing versions to develop, such as in Canada and Africa. Welocalize translates millions of words into French each year. French always appears in […]

In the software localization world, we realize that multilingual quality assurance (QA) and testing is an important element of the overall globalization strategy for global technology brands. Adapting software and technology for local markets goes beyond translation accuracy and the focus is on user experience. How do you ensure the user has the same accurate […]

Social media is becoming one of the most important tools and topics for international marketers. Social media, as a marketing tool for business, has been rapidly become an essential part of online digital marketing strategies for engaging with customers. Today, social media is influencing how businesses conduct all facets of their marketing, sales and customer support. […]

February 14 is the time of year when many people exchange gifts, cards, flowers and chocolates as an expression of their love for one another. The word “love” sounds different in many languages, though the meaning is quite universal. Around the world, people celebrate St. Valentine’s Day in unique ways and even on different days. In […]

Happiness and Prosperity 恭喜发财 / 恭喜發財 The Chinese New Year, which the Year of the Monkey, begins on Monday, February 8 and lasts until January 27, 2017. The Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival and is China’s most important traditional festival. It is marked by the lunisolar Chinese calendar, which is why the date […]

The software market is large and highly globalized. In 2015, Statista reports spending on enterprise software was around $310 billion. That same year, spending in the global information technology market amounted to $3,517 billion. The software industry is fast-moving and highly competitive, where demand is pushing us to the cloud with real-time and agile development […]

Welocalize General Manager of Japan and VP Asia Pacific, Mark Shriner recently contributed an article about unique selling propositions in Multilingual Magazine for the January/February 2016 edition. Based on 20 years sales and leadership experience, he discusses the sales approach from language service providers (LSP) and what localization buyers should expect and look for in a LSP. […]

Successful digital campaigns bring together the expertise of global marketing, localization, transcreation, translation and digital marketing creativity. It truly requires global teamwork. Many global digital marketing programs are driven by growth objectives,  to grow in new and existing markets and increase levels of customer engagement in domestic and international territories. Growing geographical reach and customer […]

Machine Translation (MT) is a valuable way to reduce localization costs and get to market faster. MT can also be a complex process with quality issues and excessive post-editing. MT is fast becoming a significant part of many localization workflows and raw “gisting” MT, post-editing MT (PEMT) and conventional human translation often coexist within the […]

Consumers are becoming increasingly connected through various sorts of social networks. Decision makers no longer act independently of one another. They are increasingly connected with other consumers from all over the world and with other brands via social media platforms. The development of social media has changed global digital marketing by shifting the scalability of […]

Germany is the largest national economy in Europe and the fourth-largest by nominal GDP in the world. With more than 51 million digital consumers in 2014, Germany enjoys the greatest e-commerce customer potential within Europe. Only China, Japan and the USA record higher digital consumers numbers. Germany’s prosperity makes it economically attractive to many international […]

The world is an expanding multinational marketplace and with the help of technology, brands can rapidly going global. The sheer number of languages spoken in the world could be seen as an impediment to globalization; however, the skill, innovation and dedication of the global languages service industry is empowering international trade. The localization, translation and […]

Online marketing and advertising is where technology and creativity are truly united. Developing content that is targeted, compelling and entertaining is a challenge widely tackled by creative designers, linguistic copywriters and localization web developers all over the world, in every language. Getting that online content delivered to the intended target audiences is another challenge that […]

For international success, global brands and marketers must play close attention to the shifting statistics and trends of the economies and languages spoken by the world’s population. Global marketers must identify target languages, based on markets and sectors in which they want to reach customers and drive revenue-based results. Here are eight global languages facts […]

By Tanja Schmidt In our industry, Welocalize is known as an innovator and leading LSP in the field of machine translation. Since 2012, our weMT programs solve real customer challenges everyday — enabling real return on content investments. Our programs extend beyond providing tools for automated translation of words. Nevertheless, I was surprised — and excited — […]

Best Practices for Localizing Global Marketing Content One of the biggest challenges of localizing global marketing campaigns is recreating content to generate maximum impact in local markets. When localizing marketing or advertising content, linguistic accuracy is no longer a priority. Maintaining the meaning and concept of a campaign is the priority to ensure the end-user […]

If you’re planning a global marketing campaign, there are a number of challenges and obstacles you may come across. There are many stories of taglines and brand logos that have entered into untold stores or Internet sensations by cultural adaptation and localization mistakes when entering into new markets. Knowing your “local” audience when you are […]

Thank you to our dedicated followers of the Welocalize Innovators Blog.  We are committed to share knowledge and thought leadership about current trends and topics related to globalization strategies, localization best practices, innovation, translation tools and resources, as well as expertise from Welocalize team members and industry leaders. As we wave good-bye to 2015, we thought […]

As 2015 draws to a close, Monique Nguyen reflects on her year of engaging with business leaders on localization hot topics. She identifies three subjects that have dominated conversations with language service buyers at top global organizations . Many global brands and organizations have made real progress on their overall globalization and localization strategy. There are new […]

Welocalize was on the road, taking part in a number of 2015 globalization and localization events in North America and Europe. We thought it would be a good time to reflect at some event highlights, along with several great references that capture details about some of our favorite industry forums. WELOCALIZE LOCLEADERS FORUM: LOCLEADERS BERLIN 2015 […]

by Steve Maule, Business Development Director at Welocalize As we draw to the end of the year, it’s a time for contemplation and reflection about the year that has almost past. In an industry that is always changing, the globalization and localization continues to evolve and make progress as more and more organizations go global […]

At Welocalize, we like to make a difference in our localization and translation work, as well as through our community-based giving programs.  Our charity “community” is sometimes related to our peers and colleagues shared interests and other times it is based on giving back within our local communities around the world. During the year-end holidays, we select […]

For international companies, localization and translation of learning content is essential for business success. It is often defined as an imperative in delivering stated company goals and objectives. For any organization driven to expand global market share, ensure multinational workforce compliance or increase worldwide knowledge about new products and services, localizing learning content is fundamental to achieving those business […]

The role of the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) has evolved considerably over the past decade. Global organizations are constantly going through significant talent and resource challenges, requiring an ever-evolving learning strategy to retain and improve technical, product and professional skills. CLOs have to continuously drive learning management programs through their organizations, often at a global […]

Most global organizations driving a localization strategy will use tools and technology to drive the translation workflow and to manage multilingual content and localization assets. Different levels of localization maturity and different internal team structures will benefit in using TMS (translation management systems), TM (translation memory) and other tools to manage various elements in the […]

Learners need high quality materials to properly engage and retain the knowledge provided through any type of learning program. Developing these materials for a global audience can bring a number of challenges. Course materials must be effective for the breadth of your learning audience, regardless of their geography. We have compiled six tips to help learning developers […]

The localization and translation industry processes billions of word each year into many different languages. Whether you are new to localization or have worked with translation projects for years, there is a unique jargon and set of acronyms you have to learn to speak when readying your content for a global audience. Welocalize is one […]

There are many different learning styles and preferences within the classroom and workplace today. By recognizing our preferred method of learning, we can increase our knowledge retention and success of our learning. Beyond individual preferences, countries and cultures have different learning preferences, making localization and globalization a critical component in the overall learning strategy of any global organization. […]

Alex Yanishevsky and Elaine O’Curran from Welocalize’s Solutions Team recently presented at the 15th Biennial Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas (AMTA). In this blog, Welocalize Senior Manager and AMTA presenter, Alex Yanishevsky provides a summary of the AMTA MT XV 2015 Summit. The AMTA XV Summit in Miami consisted of three […]

Elliot Masie’s Learning 2015 event hosted over 2,000 learning colleagues from all over the world. As an engagement sponsor, Welocalize took part in many discussions about the global learning industry and the evolving role of localization. One of the common themes at the Elliot Masie Learning 2015 event was what IS learning? How do we […]

Welocalize recently attended tekom/tcworld 2015 held in Stuttgart, Germany. It represented an opportunity to engage in conversation with attending clients and colleagues, as well as share best practices on the localization of technical communications and documentation. Our attendance at such events is always important for Welocalize, as we benefit by engaging with tekom attendees and industry members to […]

The software market today is thriving. A colossal $600 billion is spent on enterprise software each year by businesses. Analysts have predicted this number will continue to rise. There are five notable trends in the globalization of the software market that are driving the global software industry, from mobile apps to the cloud. Here are the leading trends […]

Billions of dollars are spent on global education and learning each year and expert localization of content is crucial to create the best learning experience. Today’s expectations for global learning are high and learners expect content to be accessible, engaging, interactive, culturally adapted and in their native language. Multilingual Magazine recently published a Welocalize whitepaper, […]

Does the Reporting Data Mean Anything? By Daniel Gray, Welocalize Senior Director of Sales, North America, Western Region At the Welocalize LocLeaders Forum 2015: Game Changers event in Silicon Valley, I was honored to host the panel discussion session called “Creating your Playbook with Data,” where we explored how data helps us justify localization decisions. This fantastic […]

Marketers are constantly challenged today by the demands to grow globally. Effectively reaching a global audience requires a marketing strategy that produces and distributes value-driven content directed to a defined audience. Localization and translation must be core to an effective global marketing strategy. Horizontal alignment across internal functional divisions is crucial for successful globalization.  In particular, […]

As a multinational company, holidays are sometimes “local” and some are global. Our US offices will be closed in observance of Thanksgiving Day. By practice, families and friends will get together, celebrations and parades will take place, and large amounts of turkey and cranberry sauce will be eaten! This day is also an opportunity for Welocalize to […]

Internationalization plays a large part in today’s ever globalizing world. Aligning to business outcomes, internationalization is vital in an organization’s global business planning related to both people and revenue. For the technology industry, internationalization is a core consideration for driving usage and adoption of many programs and apps, as it enables the user to interact with an application in their […]

Entering into the 21st century, many could not envision the rapid growth of the e-commerce industry and it’s impact on businesses and consumers. Based on expansive Internet connectivity and increased use of hand-held devices, global barriers are disintegrating and consumers are reaching beyond geographic boundaries when buying products and services. The shopping experience is no longer limited to local shops or […]

We are very excited to share our latest LocLeaders Magazine!  The new issue contains articles from special guests, localization expert’s stories and photos from our exclusive LocLeaders Forum 2015 Silicon Valley event. The Game Changers experience attracted globalization and localization leaders from global brands and organizations, who gathered to openly share and discuss challenges and winning strategies […]

Welocalize has released a new report, “Localization and the Online Travel and Hospitality Industry: Welocalize 2015 Report on Key Growth Areas,” which highlights four key areas of localization that drives successful globalization for online travel and hospitality companies. Localization and translation when defining the customer experience within the online travel and hospitality sector. Travelers and […]

By Chris Grebisz At the Welocalize LocLeaders Forum 2015: Game Changers event in Silicon Valley, Chris led the afternoon session, Game Changing Disruptive Economics, with the help of panelists Andy Jacobson from Blackboard and Loïc Dufresne de Virel from Intel. In this blog, Chris summarizes some of discussion highlights. The overall thesis on the subject […]

In the Localization Strategy Hot Seat by Mimi Hills, Director, Product Globalization, VMware There we were at the front of the room at Welocalize LocLeaders Forum.  The session was Game Time Strategy Challenge! Two teams faced off, each team containing three localization managers. A series of quick fire questions were posed on various localization topics, […]

By Jennifer Johnson, Senior Manager of Localization Services, Autodesk On a sunny autumn day in October 2015 during LocWorld29 week in Santa Clara, California, 75+ localization leaders spent the day together at Levi’s Stadium for the Welocalize LocLeaders Forum 2015 event.  During a panel discussion moderated by Welocalize’s Daniel Gray, he posed a series of […]

By Salvatore “Salvo” Giammarresi, Head of Globalization, PayPal Implementing a localization strategy for an international company with a well-known global brand can be challenging. Due to the variety and volume of content, whether product, sales and marketing, technical, training, user information and social content, there is a wide range of people, skills, processes and technologies […]

At Welocalize, we are experts at localizing learning content and strong believers that it isn’t what you say, it is how you say it. Learning aficionados understand great content is designed and defined for a specific target audience. Understanding how to do this using a wide variety of techniques is an important consideration for today’s growing global learning […]

Learn A New Language by Huw Aveston, Managing Partner at Traffic Optimiser  Increased cohesion and communication between internal teams was one of the key conversations that took place at Welocalize LocLeaders Forum 2015 in Silicon Valley. Huw Aveston is Managing Partner and Commercial Director at Traffic Optimiser, provider of multilingual SEO, SEM and digital marketing […]

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