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Jenny Gu is Senior Localization Manager at Visier Inc. Jenny has been in the localization industry for more than 15 years. She took part in the recent LocLeaders Forum 2014 in Vancouver as a panelist for the session, “Does Technology Impact Scale?”.  In this blog, she gives us her highlights from the day meeting with […]

Localization Maturity Model in Practice Paula Hunter is Localization Manager at Avigilon and has more than 14 years of experience in the localization industry.  At LocWorld in Vancouver, Paula delivered a joint presentation with Tuyen Ho, Senior Director at Welocalize. The presentation, “From Deep in the Trenches: LMM in Practice” detailed a number of localization challenges and […]

Welocalize VP of Language Tools, Olga Beregovaya, hosted one of the panel sessions at the Welocalize LocLeaders Forum 2014 event that took place in Vancouver, British Columbia. The main theme of the panel discussion was “Does Technology Impact Scale?” In this post, Olga sums up the main discussion points from the session and what we […]

Welocalize reaches out two times a year to gain valuable insights from our clients  through a three question survey.  The feedback along with a Net Promoter® Score rating helps us focus on our 4 pillar strategy: customer service, innovation, teamwork and quality. The October 2014 Welocalize Client Survey asked three questions. The first question was […]

Welocalize specializes in QA and Testing for software and technology.  Recently, MultiLingual Magazine published the Welocalize Whitepaper Multilingual A Bug is a Bug In Any Language. The informative paper outlines the impact of software bugs and the considerations for languages and localization.  Read the entire whitepaper for tips and advice on how to avoid bugs in […]

Monique Nguyen, Welocalize Business Development Director, participated in the 2014 LocLeaders Forum event, which took place at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver, October 29, 2014. The semi-annual event is a gathering of localization business leaders who discuss trends, challenges and successes.  In this blog, Monique shares her light-bulb moments from the day’s conversations. […]

An Iconic Concept of the Global Digital Economy? by Joaquín Soler, Vice President of Supply Chain at Welocalize What is crowdsourcing? Jeff Howe and Mark Robinson, editors at Wired magazine, coined the term in 2005 after conversations about how businesses were using the Internet to outsource work to individuals. They gave crowdsourcing its first official definition […]

Elaine O’Curran, Alex Yanishevsky and Olga Beregovaya from Welocalize’s Language Tools and Automation Team presented at the 11th Biennial Conference of the Association of Machine Translation in the Americas (AMTA-2014) in Vancouver last month. Elaine O’Curran, Welocalize Training Manager and presenter at AMTA, provides her highlights and insights from the conference. Last week, several members of the Welocalize […]

By Louise Donkor, Welocalize Research and Content Marketer The force of user-generated content (UGC) has arrived and shows no signs of slowing down. Users everywhere have an opinion and want the whole world to know it. Sometimes the whole world listens, thanks to “going viral”. For a company, localizing UGC is the chance to get your […]

After many months of hard work, the Welocalize GlobalSight Development team is proud to present the release of GlobalSight 8.5.6. This new version of the popular open-source translation management system (TMS) includes many exciting new features that will delight the GlobalSight community. In this blog, Applications Deployment Manager and GlobalSight champion, Genara Rodriguez, tells us […]

Germany-based Christian Zeh is a Business Development Director at Welocalize. Christian is one of the presenters at tekom and tcworld 2014, taking place in Stuttgart, Germany, November 11-13. In this blog, he shares common challenges to localizing user-generated content (UGC) and solution options. User-generated content (UGC) is the fastest growing content type on the Internet. UGC […]

As the preparations for Localization World Vancouver intensifies, we take a look into our crystal ball and predict what we think are some of the most buzzworthy topics sure to top the list at the many Vancouver localization industry events this October including LocWorld, TAUS, AMTA and LocLeaders. Welocalize participates in the industry events each […]

US-based Elaine O’Curran is Training Manager on the Language Tools and Automation Team at Welocalize. Elaine will be presenting at the 11th Biennial Conference of the Association of Machine Translation in the Americas (AMTA-2014) in Vancouver this month. In this blog, Elaine gives insight into the translation approach for user-generated content in the travel and […]

The Localization of User-Generated Content and Social Media Love a product? Hate a product? Don’t keep it to yourself. Post your opinion online and share with everyone! Everyone will then tell you what they think about what you have to say – right or wrong. Then you’ll respond to what they said about what you […]

The Three Hottest Topics from Brand2Global 2014 Conference Welocalize Business Development Director, Robert Martin, recently attended the Brand2Global Conference in London. Brand2Global is an annual event for professionals who drive global marketing and are responsible for international market share and revenue. In this blog, Robert shares the three hottest topics discussed at the event. This […]

Based at the Welocalize office in Beijing, China, Judy Chen is one of Welocalize’s senior localization managers. In this blog, Judy outlines the key steps to developing a software localization testing strategy. We fully understand that software testing is very important step during the whole localization process. Localization testing is testing of localized products and […]

Every September 30, we celebrate those that unite us around the world through language – our valued translators!   A few fun facts about International Translation Day and the work of translators: International Translation Day was established and first promoted in 1953 by the International Federation of Translators. The day is used to celebrate and promote translation as […]

By Louise Law With more than 27 million pieces of content shared each day, the cliche “content is king” has never been more true. I recently wrote an article for Communicator Magazine “The Ever-Changing Face of Content,” which talks about the massive growth of the online consumer and their ferocious appetite for great content in their own […]

Innovation is one of Welocalize’s four pillars which form the foundation of everything we do in the localization industry. Steve Maule, Business Development Manager, offers four insights into how to best drive innovation through the localization process. In our industry, we frequently use the word “innovation”. Next month’s Localization World and TAUS events in Vancouver feature […]

In this blog, Welocalize Technical Services Director and Testing expert Tom Gannon talks about what skills he looks for in a software localization testing engineer. I work and manage a large global team of QA and software test professionals responsible for testing our clients’ localized software products. One of the most important contributors to a […]

If you love words and all things to do with language, then this is the quiz for you. Welocalize hosted the Language Fun Facts Challenge to engage attendees at Content Marketing World 2014. Now it is your turn! Test your general knowledge of languages with the following questions in the slideshow or you can go through […]

Today, 87% of global travelers use the Internet for travel planning according to nSight. Without organic search engine optimization (SEO) in place, people will struggle to find you among the millions of pages of content produced every day. For online businesses, this is a dead-end. As more and more people seek product and business reviews before they […]

Welocalize recently conducted our annual Vendor Survey. We surveyed over 800 vendors in our supply chain to learn how we can strengthen our relationships, continue to provide best in service to our clients and create long-term value for our language service partners. We asked eight questions this year. Our first question was based on a […]

Welocalize Technical Services Director, Tom Gannon, talks about software localization testing and offers some tips on how to implement a successful testing solution. When a software product is adapted to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of a target market, it typically requires extensive testing. There are two types of software testing: Functional Testing and […]

by Louise Law, Welocalize Communications Manager This week saw the world’s leading non-profit translation organization, Translators without Borders (TWB) hit the 20 million word milestone. Since TWB was set up, more than 20 million words have now been translated by professional translators for humanity. This is the equivalent of $4 million in global aid. Humanitarian translations […]

Brand equity is often seen as not measurable, intangible and almost an ethereal part of any business. Yet, brand can be the most valuable asset many companies possess as noted in the recent Economist article, “What are brands for?“. Companies build brand equity through the infinite touches and experiences that users and consumers have with any aspect […]

Sarah Evans is the Language Team Lead based in Welocalize’s Cheshire office in the UK. She recently spent three days visiting the Welocalize office in Saarbrücken, Germany. Sarah shares details about what she gained from her visit through the Welocalize Office Exchange program and what it was like to be in Germany during the World […]

by Clarissa Yerkes, Welocalize Business Development Director for Staffing When looking to expand your localization team into a new global market, locate in-country testers or reviewers, or staff ad and web search relevance analysts, the recruiting techniques used in the U.S. may not be successful halfway around the globe. We know that the best results […]

Brecht Buchheister is senior director of Welocalize’s global localization staffing solutions. In this blog, he focuses on the two most important factors in successful onsite localization staffing. The success and viability of the localization staffing business within Welocalize principally depends upon two critical factors: client and employee satisfaction. Seems a bit cliché; however, any person […]

Harnessing the power of the crowd is an important approach for globalization. One of the key trends within the localization industry is the growing demand for crowdsourcing, also known as community translation. You can read more about this trend in Welocalize CEO Smith Yewell’s blog post, Top 3 Disruptive Localization Trends for 2014. In the localization industry, crowdsourcing is different […]

Interview by Louise Law, Welocalize Communications Manager I recently met with John Moran, an experienced translator and programmer who is working on a PhD in Computer Science. John has worked closely with Welocalize and CNGL (The Centre for Global Intelligent Content) for many years. In 2011, Welocalize began its partnership with the Irish-based academia-industry body. Very shortly […]

Sion Platts-Kilburn, Marketing Intern at Welocalize, recently won the North West of England regional title of Student Employee of the Year, awarded from the National Association of Student Employment Services in the UK. He went on to finish runner up in the national category out of 720 candidates and traveled to London this month to […]

By Louise Law, Communications Manager, Welocalize When I learned Welocalize was one of the sponsors of the up and coming Content Marketing World 2014 in Ohio, USA this September I have to admit, I was very excited. I live and breathe content – not only in my role at Welocalize but in the roles I […]

London-based Lena Marg is Training Manager on the Language Tools Team at Welocalize. She is a regular speaker at key localization events on the subject of language tools and MT. Lena recently took part in the “Speak to the Future” campaign, a UK initiative, backed by leading professional and business organizations who are convinced of […]

By Olga Beregovaya, Welocalize VP Language Tools This coming October brings to our industry several exciting events, all of them taking place in the beautiful, vibrant and modern, even futuristic, city of Vancouver (B.C.).  There will be our semi-annual LocLeaders Forum, the TAUS Annual Conference, TAUS Quality Evaluation Summit and Localization World Conference. The conference […]

As we produce more and more content to reach all our intended content consumers, the value of our mass production is still measured by reach.  Your content is as good as the number of individuals that consume it — one open, one click, one view, one page at one time. The end goal is to […]

Based in San Francisco, Monique Nguyen is a Business Development Manager at Welocalize. She recently spent a week at the Welocalize Office in Dublin, Ireland. Her exchange took place during the biggest event week for the localization industry in Dublin, including Welocalize LocLeaders and Localization World 2014.  We asked Monique to share her recent experience. What was […]

By Derek Coffey, SVP Technology and Development at Welocalize I recently had the opportunity to test ride a completely new electric motorbike. The folks over at Harley-Davidson invited me to test drive the latest model — Project LiveWire, their electric motorcycle.  Harley-Davidson is not selling this bike yet. They are touring the country offering some […]

Welocalize was an exhibitor at mLearnCon 2014, a mobile learning event held in San Diego, June 24-26. As well as discussing global market language strategies for learning, Welocalize held a raffle. Matt Lee, a multimedia developer for a large global enterprise, won the prize – Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ headphones. We asked him to share […]

According to Common Sense Advisory (CSA), Welocalize ranks as the 9th largest language service provider in the world based on 2013 reported revenues. The June 2014 report Language Services Market: 2014 also recognizes that Welocalize is the 4th largest provider in the US. This is the same position Welocalize held in the June 2013 CSA report. We attribute Welocalize’s […]

The Welocalize Language Tools team attended and presented at the 2014 EAMT Conference in Croatia. In this blog, Laura Casanellas, Welocalize Language Tools Program Manager and presenter at EAMT, provides her highlights and insights from her Welocalize colleagues who took part in the conference. Just like Trento in 2012 and Nice in 2013, the Welocalize […]

When Two Worlds Collide by Huw Aveston and Andrea Barp, Traffic Optimiser In today’s global and digital economy, visibility is crucial for success, on a local, national and global scale. This process of localization consists of three parts: translation, culturalization and visibility optimization. Content must be readable, targeted, accessible and searchable. This is where nuanced multilingual […]

Morgan O’Brien from Intel Security (McAfee Division) took part as a guest panelist on the “Evolving MT” discussion at the Welocalize LocLeaders event in Dublin. Morgan talked about McAfee’s journey to machine translation (MT) and in this blog, summarizes some of his key points. Everyone has to start from somewhere. That usually means starting from nothing. […]

Olga Blasco, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Production Business Units at Welocalize, led the discussion “What Not to Translate” at the recent LocLeaders Forum in Dublin. At Localization World 2014, Olga took part as a featured panelist at the LocWorld keynote discussion on day two, “Keep Calm and Carry On,” which detailed how […]

The localization of is one of the best examples of a successful MT program in the industry. In the time, cost and quality equation, high velocity is crucial. How does this approach impact quality? At the recent Welocalize LocLeaders event in Dublin, getting the right quality model was one of the top discussions. Wayne […]

By Jonathan Bowring Jonathan Bowring is the European Localization Director at Canon, based near London. In this blog, he talks about a discussion that took place at the recent Welocalize LocLeaders Forum in Dublin. “What not to translate?” A slightly controversial discussion topic for a gathering of localization professionals. Welocalize LocLeaders attendees devote their working […]

The title of E.M. Foster’s most famous novel, A Room with a View, aptly describes what it was like for STP to attend the Welocalize LocLeaders 2014 Forum. Jesper (Sandberg) and I spent a day in a room with seasoned professionals representing both Welocalize’s clients and their vendors – a unique opportunity for us to […]

By Louise Law One of the best things about my role as Communications Manager and Welocalize Content Wrangler is that I get the opportunity to go to the European Localization World each year and take part in the Welocalize LocLeaders Forum. This month, I found myself in Dublin for my fifth LocWorld and LocLeaders. It’s […]

Rachel Forshaw is an Enterprise Program Manager at the Welocalize United Kingdom Headquarters in Cheshire. She heads up a team of Project Managers who look after various global clients. Rachel recently took part in the Welocalize Office Exchange Program and traveled to our office in Saarbrücken, Germany, to better understand the language translation processes and […]

Workshop on Automatic and Manual Metrics for Operational Translation Evaluation London-based Lena Marg is a Training Manager on the Language Tools Team at Welocalize. She is a regular speaker at key localization events on the subject of language tools and machine translation (MT). Lena shares her insights and takeaways from the MTE 2014 conference, the first […]

Client feedback is very important to Welocalize. Twice a year, we survey our clients to gather valuable insights. The input is core to our commitment to continuous improvement and operational excellence. It is also fundamental to our 4-pillar strategy of innovation, customer service, teamwork and quality. The April 2014 Welocalize Client Survey asked three questions. […]

Customer Service is one of Welocalize’s four pillars, which drive our business and form the foundation of everything we do in the localization industry. Welocalize Business Development Manager and regular blogger, Steve Maule draws on his own experiences and offers his advice for providing great customer service. When I started out in the localization and […]

Dave Landan is a pre-sales support engineer for Welocalize’s machine translation (MT) and language tools team and is based in Portland, Oregon. He recently spent a week in Dublin as part of the Welocalize Office Exchange Program. He shares his experience of Ireland and recaps his journey. I’m a pre-sales support engineer on Welocalize’s MT […]

Welocalize’s Louise Law and Ellen Donaldson recently contributed a feature article titled “Localizing for Brazil: a nation on the rise” for the Multilingual April/May 2014 edition.  The following are some excerpts from the article along with a access to the full version for the article. Recent research by PricewaterhouseCoopers indicates that Brazil will become the fourth […]

Miguel Gonzalez is Quality Director at Welocalize. In this blog, Miguel talks about recent changes in localization and how they are affecting our approach to quality evaluation (QE). He also selects his three must-see sessions for the upcoming LocWorld 2014 in Dublin. During the last few years, the localization industry landscape has undergone profound changes. […]

Embracing interns involves forethought, planning, mentoring and management from Welocalize. From a student perspective, our placements provide them with invaluable practical hands-on experience of the varied and fast life, working as part of the Welocalize Global Marketing and Business Support unit. It seems a long time ago back in September 2012, when we decided to […]

By Tom Gannon, Technical Services Director, Welocalize I work with a number of clients who operate a software as a service (SaaS) business model. The demand for SaaS is growing mainly due to its associated scalability, flexibility and cost-saving benefits. As customers seek flexible software models that can be scaled according to needs, technology analyst […]

Antoine Rey, Senior Director of East Coast America, Europe, and Asia Sales at Welocalize, has worked in the localization industry for 17 years. He has been working at Welocalize for the past eight years, helping enterprise clients and global brands to successfully develop and implement localization business and operational models. Antoine is hosting “Gaining Efficiencies […]

Lauren Southers took part in Welocalize’s Intern Program as part of her post-graduate studies at the University of Chester in the UK. She successfully completed her Business Masters in September 2013 and then joined Welocalize’s Global Marketing Team as a full-time employee. Lauren’s success continues as she recently won the prestigious award for Most Outstanding Graduate […]

Every organization that reaches across their borders through words to educate, explain, engage or encourage others to consume their content requires a well-defined global communications strategy. What are the important considerations for defining an effective multilingual communications strategy? 1. Return on Content (ROC). First and foremost to every global communications strategy is how does it […]

Localization industry body, TAUS, has recently launched an online post-editing (PE) course. This course is a collaborative industry initiative, coordinated by TAUS in collaboration with Welocalize and other TAUS members. The PE course is aimed at translators and linguists who want to learn the best practices and skills to become more efficient at post-editing machine […]

The volume of construction output will grow by more than 70% to $15 trillion worldwide by 2025. A significant trend in the construction industry is the growth expected from emerging markets like China, India and Indonesia. – Source: Global Construction 2025 report, July 2013, Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics. Financial crisis aside, investment in […]

Sarah Evans is Language Team Lead at Welocalize in the UK. She has worked at Welocalize for six years and is responsible for maintaining and creating our key clients’ termbases. A true linguist, Sarah also works as one of Welocalize’s in-house technical translators. She studied German at University and has an MA in Translation Studies. […]

If you work for a global organization, chances are you are part of a virtual team. You work closely as a team even though you are on different continents and time zones. Every minute, of every day, there is someone about to jump onto a conference call, be it Skype or GoToMeeting, in their home […]

By Louise Law, Communications Manager, Welocalize Our recent financial crisis has meant global companies and policymakers needed to re-address the imbalance of an over-reliance on the services industry and in particular, financial services. As our global population continues to rise, alongside living standards, demand for manufacturing and industrial goods will surely grow too. There is […]

Welocalize has prepared their annual report of top languages and word counts for 2013. The report is the result of analysis of our total translated output of more than 694 million words in the past calendar year – nearly two million translated words a day, in 127 languages. Welocalize Top 10 Trends in Languages We see […]

The annual Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) Conference took place March 23-26 in the city of Istanbul. Known as a global city, Istanbul has a fast growing economy, with a population reaching near twenty million inhabitants and above all it is a place full of charm and vitality. The conference was hosted in the Hilton […]

Hannah Brady is based at the Welocalize office in the UK. She has worked at Welocalize for six years as a project manager. Hannah works closely with some of Welocalize’s biggest manufacturing clients and over the years has built up considerable knowledge about this industry sector. In this blog, Hannah shares key localization challenges faced […]

Evaluating quality is a big challenge for the localization industry. As Welocalize CEO Smith Yewell wrote in his blog on Time, Cost and Quality, in the past QA programs have typically not discerned between content types and business requirements. It is no great secret that one translation quality does not fit all. Localization industry body, […]

By Hugh Barford In the third of a series on Best Practices in Localizing Audio and Video, Hugh looks at the secrets to successfully localizing legacy video content. When we talk about localizing video content, there are two kinds of typical scenarios: creating source video content with localization in mind and legacy video projects using […]

The CNGL Centre for Global Intelligent Content. (“CNGL” stands for Centre for Next Generation Localization) is a collaborative academia-industry research centre. Established in 2007, CNGL combines the expertise of researchers at four Irish universities and localization industry partners to produce tools and technologies. Welocalize is one of CNGL’s industry partners. Welocalize has worked closely with CNGL since […]

An interview with Jeff Ash, CFO at Welocalize about the upcoming 2014 Executive Roadshow As technology grows, the different ways to communicate are endless: email, mobile, Skype, tablet, social media. In business, we all use these tools extensively. To successfully lead and guide a global team, face-to-face communication is still one of the most important […]

by Hugh Barford In the second of a series Best Practices in Localizing Audio and Video, Hugh looks at the secrets to successfully creating source video content with localization in mind. Ah, the joys of localizing video. Nothing gives us more pleasure than delivering to a client a really tightly-localized video that looks and feels […]

By Louise Law This post is an abridged version of my article in Spring 2014 Communicator Journal.  At this time of year, I’m starting to think about summer holidays and how to get some sunshine after the winter months. I look on the travel and hotel sites, read some of the online reviews because they […]

Lauren Southers took part in Welocalize’s Intern Program as part of her post-graduate studies at the University of Chester. We published a blog interview with Lauren last year, just after she had successfully completed her Business Masters in September 2013 and joined Welocalize as a full-time employee on the global marketing team. Lauren completed two […]

“It is a new world. As purchasing increasingly shifts from a physical experience to a virtual one and transaction-based interactions between brands and consumers shift to relationship-based interactions, new skills and sensibilities are needed.” Jez Frampton, CEO, Interbrand. For certain consumer products and services, good old bricks and mortar retail stores seem to be overshadowed […]

Today is International Women’s Day (IWD), celebrated each year on March 8th. International Women’s Day celebrates the social, political and economic achievements of women while focusing world attention on areas requiring further action. The theme for 2014 is Inspiring Change.  The first IWD was held in 1911. There are events taking place around the globe to […]

By Olga Beregovaya, Welocalize VP of Language Tools Returning from Localization World Bangkok, where I presented “Beyond Disruption,” I have taken time to reflect on some of my conversations with attendees, both fellow language service providers and buyers. Takeaway #1:  Everyone is looking for ways to redirect their localization and translation investment to where it is […]

The annual translation technology conference, memoQfest Americas, took place in Los Angeles last week. David Landan from Welocalize’s Language Tools Team was invited to present about MT at the conference. In this blog, he shares his experience. Presenting at memoQfest Americas 2014 was an important event for me in several ways. Not only was it […]

Followers of the Welocalize Innovator’s Blog know Louise Law, our inspiring Communications Manager, has a passion for language and film. There is no better weekend than the Oscar’s to share her latest movie-going experience. Whilst I was watching Gravity at the cinema last night, I could not help to think that Sandra Bullock, in her role […]

Jonathan Biddle works on the Welocalize Staffing team. He recently traveled to Welocalize’s global headquarters in Frederick, Maryland. Jonathan tells us why he went to Frederick and what happened during his visit. My position within Welocalize is Program Manager, working on Welocalize’s staffing services. We provide our clients with localization personnel. I manage and support […]

By Lyn Carroll Lyn Carroll is Senior Director, Talent Management at Welocalize, leading a worldwide team with responsibility for the external supply chain. She has 20 years’ experience in the localization and translation industry and holds a degree in Applied Languages from Dublin City University. Lyn’s career spans working as a translator, technical editor, as […]

The 21st of February is International Mother Language Day. This officially recognized day celebrates language diversity around the world. The objective of the day is to “promote linguistic diversity and multilingual education and to develop a fuller awareness of linguistic and cultural traditions based on understanding, tolerance and dialogue.” (UNESCO website). The day was launched […]

Hugh Barford is Managing and Creative Director of HBV Studios – a production and consultancy house specializing in multi-language audio and video content for the localization, e-learning and digital marketing industries. HBV is one of Welocalize’s vendors for multimedia services.  Hugh began his career in the industry as Senior Audio Director with Irish localization company […]

By Anna N Schlegel –Anna N Schlegel heads up the globalization strategy at NetApp. She is the Director of NetApp’s Globalization Programs Strategy Office (GPSO) and is an industry expert and regular speaker on globalization, localization and entry into global markets. In Anna’s first blog, “Creating a Geo-Alignment Program to Boost NetApp’s Globalization Strategy”, Anna […]

It’s that time of year when most people in the western world will feel compelled to send a greeting card to their loved one or maybe a bunch of red roses. Although Valentine’s day has become a more commercial event, fuelled by the greeting card industry, we thought we’d share some facts you may not […]

Barbara Frawley is a senior project manager at Welocalize. She has worked in the localization industry for over 15 years, seven of those at Welocalize, and in project management for 13 years. Barbara works with a number of Welocalize key technology clients and is a true advocate of agile localization. She shares with us the […]

By NetApp’s Anna N Schlegel Anna N Schlegel heads up globalization strategy at NetApp. She is the Director of NetApp’s Globalization Programs Strategy Office (GPSO), which she set up in 2009. Anna is a globalization industry innovator and leader who relied on Welocalize to set up a solid operation to go to market. As a […]

Translation Gold

As the XXII Olympic Winter Games begin in Sochi, there will be millions of people “tuned-in” through every type of media from around the world celebrating our quadrennium gathering of elite global athletes. We are all expecting some excitement and what better way to experience the games than in our own language and natural tongue. There […]

Sometimes we refer to a lot of clouds as gloomy skies. Perhaps we all felt a little gloom when we learned that the most influential technology leader in the world, Bill Gates, was stepping down as Chairman of the Board at Microsoft. We all have witnessed the personal computer revolution in the 1980s and 1990s. […]

by Louise Law I was in London this week, representing Welocalize at the Learning Technologies 2014 event. It was a first time event for myself and Welocalize. One of my first thoughts? Busy footfall. The weather was seriously rainy in London but still 7,000 people attended each day. There was standing room only at the […]

Shinji Yoshitake is Senior Director, Japan, at Welocalize. He lives in Tokyo where the Welocalize Japan office is located. In this blog, he share’s some insights on Japan and localizing into Japanese. Shinji also shares some thoughts on how language service providers (LSPs) can adjust their business model and approach, ensure they deploy success localization […]

Shinji Yoshitake is Senior Director, Japan, at Welocalize. He lives in Tokyo where the Welocalize Japan office is located. In this blog, he share’s some insights on Japan and localizing into Japanese. Shinji also shares some thoughts on how language service providers (LSPs) can adjust their business model and approach to ensure they deploy success […]

By Louise Law This year’s World Economic Forum (WEF) is underway in Davos, Switzerland. This event always brings back fond memories for me. I was lucky enough to ski in the Graubünden area of Switzerland in 2003, the same time the forum was held. We went into Davos one evening to go tobogganing; I’ve never […]

The convergence of such factors as mobile technology, Web 2.0 breakthroughs in social networking, easy to use content creation tools such as Articulate Storyline, fast wireless and sophisticated learning management solutions has created the consumer expectation that learning content will be informative, engaging, interactive, seamlessly translated and fully localized. Fundamentally, people learn better in their […]

Andy Mallett is a project manager at Welocalize for the Language Tools Team. She is based at the Welocalize office in San Mateo, California. Andy works regularly with a team in the Dublin office. Keen to meet her colleagues, she applied for the Office Exchange Program, got accepted and hopped on a plane bound for […]

Gavin Grimes is Senior Director, China, at Welocalize. He is based at Welocalize’s offices in Beijing. Having lived and worked in China for five years, he shares some insights on what global brands must consider when conducting business with China. The population of China is over 1.35 billion. Since September 2013, it is officially and […]

Eva Zhi is a Senior Project Manager and Team Lead at Welocalize. She is based in the Welocalize office in Beijing and manages a team of PM’s. She recently spent a week in Boston as part of the Welocalize Office Exchange Program. She tells us about her experience. Why did you apply to the Exchange […]

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