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Interview with Doug Knoll, VP of Software Development at Welocalize In our continuation of Getting to Know Welocalize, we want to introduce you to Doug Knoll,  Vice President of Software Development at Welocalize. Doug worked at Welocalize from 2001 to 2009 as Director of Global Solutions and recently returned at the beginning of the year […]

Interview with Kohta Shibayama, Senior Project Manager in Tokyo Kohta Shibayama is based in the Welocalize office in Tokyo, Japan. He has worked for Welocalize for more than 11 years, having held a number of senior positions for Welocalize. Kohta currently works with many of Welocalize’s local clients in Japan and also provides business development […]

An Interview with Alex Matusescu, Director of Operations Based in Beijing, Alex Matusescu is Director of China Production at Welocalize. Alex has worked in the translation industry for more than six years and has been with Welocalize for two years. Based in Beijing, Alex is fluent in Chinese, English and Romanian and intermediate in Spanish and […]

A Day in the Life of Monique Nguyen Monique Nguyen is Regional Enterprise Sales Director at Welocalize. She has worked at Welocalize for more than three years and is responsible for developing new client relationships and helping some of the world’s most well-known brands implement global localization strategies. Monique is based in San Francisco and in […]

A Day in the Life of  Steve Maule, Welocalize Business Development Director in Europe In our continuation of the “Getting to Know Welocalize” series, Steve Maule shares his experiences in developing new relationships in Europe and helping clients reach their global business goals.  As a market expert in localization and translation strategies, he spends most […]

Marketing automation platforms (MAPs) are a necessity for any B2B or B2C company. A marketing automation tool is software that not only allows you to market via multiple online platforms, it also helps to manage campaigns, nurture leads, track website visitors website and much more. Research suggests B2B marketers have an average 20% increase in sales […]

by Louise Donkor, Welocalize Global Marketing and Sales Support Every year, Welocalize looks to add the best and brightest to our talent resources and provide a great career development program for rising stars.  The Global Marketing Team has been providing internships through the University of Chester Masters Program for the past three years.  It is a […]

This month we are sharing the words and experiences of our global team members in our Getting to Know Welocalize series. This blog focuses on the Welocalize Global Marketing team. We thought we would put a financial spin on successes and interesting facts about how we drive awareness, engagement and increase influence in our market […]

A Day in the Life of Joanna Hasan, Enterprise Program Manager As part of our Getting to Know Welocalize series, we are pleased to introduce you to Joanna Hasan from Welocalize’s United Kingdom office in Tarporley, Cheshire, just outside of Chester. This blog shares some insights on the UK office’s role in the global Welocalize family. Jo […]

The United States is not the only Anglophone country to embrace content marketing. The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) conducted their annual Content Marketing in the UK report which shows the United Kingdom is truly on board with driving content marketing strategies. The 134 respondents featured in the report are from mainly B2B for-profit UK organizations […]

A Day in the Life of Liz Thomas, Senior Director of Quality and Training at Welocalize In this new Getting to Know Welocalize post, Liz Thomas shares her “non-typical” day at Welocalize leading our global initiatives in quality and training.  Liz provides insights into the role of this shared services function, which is core to our […]

There is a growing demand for outsourced language services worldwide. Welocalize is one of the world’s leading providers of localization and translation services. We are ranked as the 4th largest language service provider in the United States and 9th largest provider in the world, according to Common Sense Advisory (CSA). There are an estimated 18,000 language service […]

Day in the Life of Antje Hecker, Production Business Director at Welocalize in Germany In our “Getting to Know Welocalize” series, we are sharing the words of our global team members and how their work helps our clients achieve their goals. We call this fulfilling your potential. In this new post, Antje Hecker shares a day […]

Financial content translation requires managing many types of  specialized materials that are very different from other standard business and marketing content types. These include financial statements, such as annual and interim financial reports, corporate communications, merger and acquisition (M&A), compliance and regulatory documents, legal agreements and transfer pricing documents — just to name a few. Each document has […]

Day in the Life of Guido Panini, Sales and Marketing Manager at Agostini Associati, a Welocalize Company We are proud to launch a new series of blog posts entitled: Getting to Know Welocalize. People and talent differentiate Welocalize in the localization and translation industry. We believe the best way to highlight this, beyond the work that we […]

Welocalize works with many clients who produce e-learning content intended for global audiences, both internal and external. E-learning can be quite complex content, interlaced with various forms of multimedia, including video and audio. Without proper localization planning, it can present challenges in effectively reaching a global audience. The story of Khan Academy is one that demonstrates the […]

Translation of terms and terminology consistency are major concerns when translating highly specialized and professional content like financial texts and specifically, when translating financial statements. Terminology consistency mainly refers to: Intra-document consistency: When translating financial statements, terms referring to financial statement items, measurement criteria and accounting standards used must be consistent in the whole document. In […]

Global organizations make money in many countries. A parent company can be comprised of many subsidiaries, branches and divisions. Each subsidiary has its own set of accounting documents, required to meet local accounting, compliance, regulatory and legal standards. Translating the financials statements of a global, public entity can be a complex business. A couple of […]

In order to compete in global markets, technology firms need to produce localized versions of systems and application software. Key aspects of a successful software localization strategy must include all aspects of the programming language content, including software user interface (UI) and software strings, feature updates, patches, online help and support documentation. Testing and QA are critical for […]

The TAUS Quality Evaluation (QE) Summit 2015 took place in Dublin this year. Welocalize’s VP of Technology Solutions, Olga Beregovaya and Program Manager of Language Tools, Lena Marg, participated in the event and delivered a joint presentation at the event, “Dynamic Quality Revisited: Stakeholders, Challenges, Best Practices”. In this blog, Lena Marg sums up experience […]

To deliver quality financial translations, requires solid linguistic expertise and good knowledge of the overall financial services sector with very specific financial subject matter expertise for the different types of financial content requiring translation. This is a big content area in the localization industry. In their 2014 report, The Top Industries for LSPs, independent research firm Common […]

Welocalize VP of Technology Solutions, Olga Beregovaya, recently attended the TAUS Industry Leaders Forum in Berlin. Olga participated in the forum as a panelist on the topic of “The Many Uses of Machine Translation Technology.” In this blog, Olga explains why she likes the format of TAUS Industry Leaders Forum and highlights her top four presentations […]

From Rapport to Credibility By Molly Wendell, President of Executives Network Molly Wendell, international relationship expert, led the morning session at the Welocalize LocLeaders Forum 2015 in Berlin, to demonstrate how organizations and localization professionals can develop and use their sphere of influence to help achieve their global business goals. In this blog, Molly summarizes the […]

My LocLeaders Debut by Anne-Sophie Martin, Translation Project Manager at Talentsoft Recently I became Translation Project Manager at Talentsoft and I am discovering the specific world of application translation and some of the problems that can arise. Talentsoft is the European leader for talent management cloud applications. Our solution allows Human Resources Managers to pilot employees’ […]

Marketers are faced with the challenge to grow and go global. In order to achieve global growth and reach international audiences, a content marketing strategy needs to match the diversity that exists in all of your audiences. Marketing content must be readable, targeted and searchable to global audiences in order to fully actualize the investment […]

Speak the Language of Your Stakeholder Teams By Karen Loughrey, Localization Manager at Optimizely In this blog, Karen Loughrey from Optimizely shares her experience in taking part as a panelist at the Welocalize LocLeaders 2015 Forum: Elevate Results in Berlin.  She offers valuable advice on how to promote the localization function internally to all company […]

The latest version of Welocalize’s open-source translation management system (TMS), GlobalSight 8.6, was launched at the Localization World Conference 2015 in Berlin.  Senior Solutions Architect at Welocalize, Vincent Swan, shared the latest features and updates at the special GlobalSight Boot Camp conference session. This latest version brings even more functionality, enabling users to manage, translate […]

By Wayne Bourland, Director of Translation at Dell Wayne took part in the recent Welocalize LocLeaders Forum 2015 in Berlin as a featured panelist. In this blog, he summarizes some of his key thoughts related to the topics and discussions. The process of localization in any organization, whether enterprise or small-medium business, is complex. It involves […]

Feedback from the localization community is very important to Welocalize.  Engagement with our clients and the industry at large helps us define new solutions, find innovative approaches to solving client challenges and knowing what valuable expertise is of greatest interest to our buyers. Welocalize recently asked companies spanning several different industries about the localization challenges […]

By Swati Narwal, Business Support Specialist, Translations, IKEA The Welocalize LocLeaders Forum event in Berlin was the first time I have attended a Welocalize event and it was an interesting and insightful experience. Very well organized and thought-through event. At the event, I met people from different organizations, all working in the area of localization and […]

By Steve Maule, Welocalize Business Development Manager and LocWorld28 Presenter It was a busy week in Berlin June 1-5 with two Welocalize events, LocLeaders Forum 2015 and Localization World! LocWorld28 took place at the Maritim Hotel where companies of all shapes and sizes in our industry got together to have conversations and share ideas. Before […]

Embracing the Internet is essential for global brands to drive their multilingual content marketing strategies. The Internet acts as a driving force for successful global marketing campaigns. It is the most viable way to get brand attributes and content seen and heard around the world in a cost-efficient manner. There are a number of online […]

The Welocalize Language Tools Team recently presented at the 2015 EAMT Conference in Antalya, Turkey.  Olga Beregovaya, Welocalize VP of Language Tools and Automation was the invited guest speaker at the conference.  She presented, “What we want, what we need, what we absolutely can’t do without – an enterprise user’s perspective on machine translation technology […]

The 10th annual Compliance Week Conference took place recently in Washington, D.C.  John Rogler, Welocalize Regional Business Development Director attended the event, meeting with compliance, risk and audit executives from organizations all over the world. In this blog, John shares insights into some of the key trends and discussion highlights. Compliance Week is a great […]

Translation and transcreation may sound similar; however, they follow very different processes. It is important to evaluate the key considerations, including factors like budget, target markets and brand requirements to determine how you should transcreation and translation when localizing your global brand. Three key differences between translation and transcreation: 1. Source content The difference between […]

By Monique Nguyen If your website or e-commerce site is live and online, then anyone with an Internet connection can access it. Does this make it global? No. The Internet does not recognize geographical barriers; however, customers do recognize language and cultural barriers. To go (or grow) truly global with e-commerce, you have to localize […]

By Darin Goble Multimedia is on the rise, permeating areas never reached before, thanks to the growth in technology and also the prolific rise of video and audio sharing technologies and platforms. For many global brands, use of multimedia is growing fastest, eclipsing standard sales and marketing techniques. According to video-sharing website, YouTube, not only […]

When it comes to global brands, image and reputation is everything, especially with consumer products. Brand messages should transcend language to really have an effect anywhere in the world. Globalization and localization is not just about linguistic translation. It includes lifestyle, values, culture and many more local concerns. Here are some global brands featured in […]

by Steve Maule It’s May 2015 and we are fast approaching conference season in the globalization and localization industry. One of the main events to kick-off the season is Localization World, to be held at the Maritim Hotel in Berlin, June 3-5. There are many familiar companies sponsoring and attending LocWorld, including Welocalize. This year I […]

Welocalize recently hosted a conversation with localization leaders in Boston, Massachusetts focused on the topic of Geo Champions.  Smith Yewell, CEO and Co-Founder of Welocalize facilitated the discussion, with our featured guest Nancy Anderson, Senior Director of Globalization at EMC Corporation. The event took place at Café ArtScience in Cambridge, which provided the perfect setting […]

Welocalize Global Marketer Lauren Southers recently attended the Marketo 2015 Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco. The Summit is an annual event for marketing professionals, who drive global marketing campaigns and strategies. In this blog, Lauren shares the three main themes from the summit. As a marketing and localization professional, attending the Marketo 2015 Marketing […]

Many global companies use content management systems (CMS) and authoring tools to continually create and update source documentation for a variety of content, including: technical manuals, user guides and supports, marketing collateral and much more. The CMS plays an important role in the overall translation workflow and it is important that the two systems are […]

Are new technologies in the global manufacturing industry driving the next industrial revolution? The answer to this question will be on full display and central to many of the topics discussed at two big global manufacturing events taking place this week: M2M World Congress 2015 in London and Smart Manufacturing Summit in Indianapolis, USA. Core to […]

By Laura Casanellas Luri The annual Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) Conference recently took place in Sevilla, Spain. During the conference, the city was preparing for the Easter festivities and the Feria de Abril (Spring Fair). Sevilla was the perfect inspiring location to be in during this GALA conference. This year’s theme was Embrace Change, […]

by Lauren Southers What are some of the key drivers in the global manufacturing industry? In my role at Welocalize, I spend a lot of time gathering market intelligence and analyzing key trends within various global industry sectors. In this blog, I have highlighted three key drivers relating to the manufacturing industry impacting how global […]

In March 2015, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) published their annual report on content marketing trends in the manufacturing sector. The report revealed that 82% of manufacturing marketers are using content marketing[i]. It defined content marketing as “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content.” Creating content that directly […]

In this post, Mitya Rahtz shares some insights about the role of a busy manufacturing industry translation manager. Working for Legrand at its global head office in Limoges, France, Mitya is responsible for the management and coordination of translation projects. Legrand is a leading multinational manufacturer with close to 36,000 employees worldwide, marketing a total […]

Janie Hallwood works as a project manager for Welocalize, working with large global manufacturing clients. She has been working in the localization and translation industry for nearly ten years and in this blog, offers she provides key insights and tips for effectively translating manufacturing content. Having worked with clients in the manufacturing sector for many years now, […]

Welocalize was a sponsor and exhibitor at the Learning Solutions Conference 2015 (LSCon), which took place in Orlando, Florida. Matt Gaitan, Welocalize Regional Business Development Director, shares his highlights and insights into two key trends Welocalize discussed at the conference. At this year’s Learning Solutions Conference and Expo, we met with learning professionals and engaged […]

Global energy companies have ongoing training needs for their remote workforce, relying on expert training curriculum and extensive libraries of training materials in subjects ranging from human resources, compliance, health and safety and equipment operation, as well as other industry topics. Delivering these training courses to an international workforce can often be a legal requirement. If […]

Falling oil prices are impacting many energy producers and exporters revenues, resulting in the energy market to look for ways to economize their globalization efforts. According to The Economist, 18 March, 2015, the price of oil is falling “…mostly because of increased supply from America (up by 4M barrels a day since 2009).”  They also note increased supply […]

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is used as essential business management software in the oil and gas industry.  It is a suite of integrated applications, that large multinational enterprises use to collect, store, manage and interpret data. Due to high levels of investment, capital and supply chain complexities, many companies in the oil and gas industry deploy ERP systems to […]

Localizing multimedia materials for online learning and courseware content requires careful planning. In this blog, Senior Multimedia Localization Engineer at Welocalize, Michael Anderson, introduces text-to-speech and outlines why it offers learning solution providers and companies with online training programs a cost-effective and timely solution for localizing audio and video voice-over work. The main style of voice-over (VO) […]

Welocalize Business Development Manager, Benjamin Skovran, is based in Houston, Texas and works closely with global energy companies. In this blog, he talks about some of the key characteristics these companies, in particular those in oil and gas sector must look for when choosing a language service provider (LSP). The energy industry consists of multiple industries that are involved […]

By Louise Law, Global Communications Manager, Welocalize The Wearable Technology Show 2015 took place in London this week. There were over 100 innovative wearable technology companies exhibiting at this show and unlike some of the more established technology trade shows, chances are many of the new generation products that were exhibited would not have existed […]

Welocalize wishes women all over the world Happy International Women’s Day! March 8 is International Women’s Day (IWD), uniting countries around the world in their celebration of the political, social, economic achievements of women past, present and future. The first IWD was held in 1911 and all around the world, thousands of events take place […]

Cristina Didone is a corporate advisor at Welocalize. Cristina was the CEO and founder of CD Language Solutions (CDLS), which was acquired by Welocalize in May 2014. Welocalize provides highly specialized language services for the world’s market leaders in oil and gas. Cristina has over 20 years of experience in the language industry and has […]

Leveraging the power of the crowd to provide translation is an increasingly popular way to satisfy some organization’s translation and localization requirements for different content types such as user generated content (UGC). This can also apply to some content associated to software. With global software products, there is quite often a wealth of associated lower […]

Innovation is one of Welocalize’s four pillars which form the foundation of everything we do as a business. Clients and partners rely on our leadership to drive technological innovation in the localization industry. One of our latest innovative efforts is the soon-to-be-deployed language tool, Welocalize StyleScorer which will form part of the Welocalize weMT suite […]

Welocalize has prepared their annual report of top languages and word counts for 2014. The 2014 report shows the highest volume of words translated in a given 12 month period by the Welocalize group of companies, surpassing the 2013 total by 262 million. Total translated output for Welocalize in 2014 was 956 million words into 157 languages. […]

Are Lean Start-Ups the Next Big Thing in Software Development and Localization? Mika Pehkonen is Documentation and Localization Manager at the global security software company F-Secure. Based in Finland, Mika has over 15 years of experience in localization and software and is a frequent speaker at industry events. In this blog interview, Mika speaks to Welocalize’s […]

February 21 is International Mother Language Day! This day is celebrated to encourage recognition of all languages used by people around the globe, as it reflects the wonderful diversity of our world. International Mother Language Day (IMLD) was first introduced in November 1999 by the United Nations’ Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and formally acknowledged by the […]

For many software companies, the cloud is one of the biggest growth areas. Cloud-based services, software and applications are slowly becoming staples for global businesses to operate successfully. Consumers and businesses alike are relying more and more on the cloud. As demand of easy online access to day-to-day personal and business applications increases, technology and software […]

Mark O’Malley, Bernice McDonagh and Jörg Bauer focus on software localization programs at Welocalize. Together, they have over 25 years of experience working in the localization industry. In this blog, they highlight some of the key steps and components of a successful localization program that helps software companies sell into international markets. Software localization projects can […]

By Antoine Rey, Senior Director at Welocalize In the last few years, I have observed many localization managers tackle the usual operational stages of implementing a successful localization model within their company. Many struggle to get past a certain stage and develop a real strategic approach. In many cases, localization owners move things in the […]

In November 2014, Welocalize acquired Milan-based translations company Agostini Associati. Agostini was founded in 1997 and was the first translations company in Italy to gain a UN EN ISO 9001:2008 certification. The company provides highly specialized language services to global organizations across multiple industries, particularly in the financial sector. Welocalize’s Louise Donkor spoke to Agostini’s […]

Five Tips to Help Software Companies Get Multiple Product Versions Ready for International Launch In our global economy, the pressure is on for software companies to sim-ship.  This means to simultaneously ship a product and supporting materials in multiple languages. Launching localized product versions at the same time as the original source product (or at least […]

Based at the Welocalize office in Beijing, China, Judy Chen is Technical Services Director. In this blog, Judy shares her thoughts about the role and focus of quality during software localization. During our routine work in the localization industry, we live and breathe quality every day, everywhere. What is quality? ISO 8402-1986 standard defines quality […]

Six Discovered Facts From the Word Map by Louise Donkor The Easy Way Language Center in Brazil has created an interactive map which allows the user to type in a word and see it in different languages across the globe. The interactive guide, called Word Map, shows the relationship between different languages. It provides an way […]

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? It’s a popular buzzword describing a technological capability and environment where everything is connected to the Internet, creating “intelligence” for dumb devices. Physical objects are transformed to smart objects, which can be interlinked through the Internet. The IoT is an important concept with regards to the future of […]

Globalization Innovator Grows from Two Million to 30 Million Words Localized in 18 Languages NetApp is a US-based Fortune 500 company, providing integrated data storage solutions to enable companies to leverage virtualization, cloud computing and storage efficiency. With more than 12,000 employees in 150+ offices worldwide, NetApp services customers and communities all over the world […]

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: what are you doing for others?” – Martin Luther King. Jr. To commemorate this year’s US holiday Martin Luther King Day on January 19, the Welocalize team at the company’s global headquarters in Frederick, Maryland, helped children build birdhouses that will be hung throughout the community. Seeds for […]

Spare a Thought for the Translators and Interpreters by Louise Law This week, global political and business leaders have descended on the Swiss ski town of Davos for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF). At the WEF, there are 2,500 participants from 140 countries, including about 40 heads of state and 1,500 […]

The Importance of Localized SEM for Global Marketing Campaigns In this guest blog,  Huw Aveston and Andrea Barp from Traffic Optimiser, look at how brands running global marketing campaigns need to get to grips with SEM and the major search engines in all of the territories in which they want a presence. Any brand looking […]

Global marketing is always evolving. The borders are disappearing between business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) market distinctions. We are all brands and even as consumers, we’re all in business. With the growth of the Internet and digital business, the landscape has changed significantly on how we connect with our customers and communities and how far […]

For any global organization, implementing a standardized marketing strategy, in one source language, assumes that everyone who touches your product or service speaks the same language and has the same cultural approach. With so much digital content, published and distributed online, today’s marketers have to carefully consider their marketing strategies and integrate localization in the […]

Transcreation is the adaptation of a message from one language to another, something vital for any company embarking on a global marketing campaign. Here are some instances where global brands’ usage of transcreation was a good idea and why. COCA-COLA Soft drink company Coca-Cola’s wildly popular Share a Coke campaign exploded worldwide in the summers […]

Do you want to promote your brand globally in a way that really ‘speaks’ to your customers? If yes, then you may want to consider transcreation. In this blog, Louise Donkor talks transcreation, what it is and its role in global marketing. Transcreation combines two words: translation and recreation. The process involves both. Sometimes called […]

In this guest blog, David Farbey, a Fellow of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC), looks at the upcoming trends that he thinks will influence the field of technical communications this year. Making predictions can be a treacherous game and recent advances in consumer and cloud technology have shown that you can never […]

Senior Multimedia Engineer at Welocalize, Michael Anderson, looks at the pros and cons of using voice-over and subtitles in localized e-learning materials. Multimedia is often used extensively in e-learning materials and in some global marketing materials. A key component of any visual or audio content is the use of subtitling or voice-overs to tell the […]

When the clock strikes midnight, revelers around the world celebrate the expectations of the coming year. No matter where we are on the globe, New Year’s Eve is a day that we understand will be filled with universal festivities.  Every hour on the eve of 2015, we know our fellow global citizens have another reason to cheer […]

As 2014 draws to a close, we thought it would be a good time to look back at some of the most popular Welocalize blogs posted this year. These blog posts give great insight into key industry trends, how-to’s and thought leadership on key topics. Read these and anyone responsible for globalization and localization strategy will […]

There are different priorities when it comes to translating and localizing technical content. Translated technical documentation must be as concise as the source content. Key focus points include consistency, correct terminology and technical accuracy. What role does technology play in producing high quality technical documentation? One often assumes each word and diagram must be addressed and […]

Hannah Brady is a project manager at Welocalize, based in the UK office. She has spent a number of years in the localization industry, working with clients with high volumes of technical documentation.  In this blog, Hannah focuses on high level documentation and looks at how to best prepare technical communications for localization. Documentation is […]

Graphics and images form a crucial part of almost all communication materials, especially in technical documentation where the use of complex engineering diagrams is common. In this blog, Welocalize DTP Consultants Elaine Abbott and Sue Rigby share their seven golden rules and tips on how you can optimize source graphic files for localization in technical […]

Welocalize loves giving and helping to make a difference. Every year we select a charity for a holiday donation in the name of our clients and employees.  This year we selected Heifer International in our effort to help lift families around the world out of poverty.  In localization, you have to think globally and act […]

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