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Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, with around 20% of the world’s population speaking a form of Chinese as their first native language. Standard Chinese, commonly known as Mandarin, is the standardized form of spoken Chinese and is also the official language of about two thirds of mainland China, Taiwan, as […]

More than 15 years ago, compliance activity was fairly low key and typically the role of a middle-management team who worked alongside the company’s legal team. Today, most global organizations have a senior executive who is dedicated to keeping the company in line with regulatory standards and avoiding any unwanted legal action. This often involves […]

In this new compliance content case study, we outline how Welocalize managed the entire localization process of the translation of complex, regulated e-learning materials for a large multinational organization. An imperative to this type of detailed work was supporting the client’s requirements to follow local and national regulations to ensure all content was legally compliant. READ MORE! Welocalize […]

Special interview with Erin Wynn, Chief Customer Officer and Head of Regulated Industries at Welocalize, Inna Kassatkina, President and Co-Founder of Global Language Solutions and Olga Smirnova, CEO and Co-Founder of Global Language Solutions. Welocalize recently announced the acquisition of Global Language Solutions (GLS), the market leader for more than 22 years in expert life […]

Many organizations undergo pressure and scrutiny from governments, regulators, shareholders and external auditors. Facilitating corporate governance, risk and compliance processes can be challenging, especially for global organizations who cross legal and language boundaries. There is a lot of effort involved to stay current with the latest regulatory compliance requirements for any industry. It can be a […]

Welocalize recently took part in the School of Advanced Technologies for Translators (SATT) 2016 in Trento, Italy. Welocalize MT Program Manager Tanja Schmidt was a featured speaker at the event and delivered an industry case presentation which focused on Welocalize’s approach to machine translation (MT). In this follow-up blog, Tanja shares some of her highlights […]

There are many steps involved for enterprises looking to cross international borders and go global. There are complex processes that often require a specialist’s knowledge and leadership to achieve positive results. Anna N. Schlegel is a leading globalization expert and has recently launched her second book, Truly Global: The Theory and Practice of Bringing Your Company […]

September 30 is International Translation Day! Welocalize would like to thank and applaud the many amazing translators around the world who enable global communications and keep us connected through languages. The reason International Translation Day is on 30th of September each year is because that date is also the feast of St. Jerome, who is considered the […]

Welocalize delivers localized content in more than 175 languages, so we have a good knowledge of the various cultural forms of communication around the world. From dialects and writing systems through to multimedia and images, we have localized and translated them all. There is one area of communication that also differs between countries – humor. Humor […]

Welocalize and Adapt Worldwide, a Welocalize Digital Marketing Agency recently presented an exclusive webinar, Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and Localization. The webinar was hosted by Adapt Worldwide General Manager and Co-Founder, Huw Aveston, who is a renowned expert on global digital marketing strategies. In this blog, we highlight some of the key content covered […]

Rising incomes and populations across Asia are creating a growth in consumers with disposable income. A significant amount of growth comes from China, a country with considerable purchasing power, with large sums of money being spent online through e-commerce sites. From technology, media, electronic goods, travel, gaming, clothes, beauty and health products, and entertainment, China’s rising […]

United in an optimistic mission to create universally appealing content that tells a great story, expands minds, engages audiences and connects brands to people around the world, content marketers descended upon Cleveland, Ohio by the thousands.  The place of unification was Content Marketing World 2016. Multinational businesses and content strategists from more than 50 countries came to participate […]

Going global requires more than selecting a language for translation. It requires a market-driven multilingual content marketing strategy to really reach new and emerging markets. Defining a worldwide marketing strategy requires integrating multiple cultural and linguistic characteristics and techniques, utilizing local media platforms and channels to reach the right audience. Did you know that it takes […]

One of the key steps in the overall globalization process is to map the consumer journey by identifying content touchpoints. This step is very important, as it allows global brands to fully understand the overall consumer experience and their interaction with consumers via published content and communications, both verbal and written. Many global retailers and B2C […]

For localization of digital marketing content, many global consumer brands turn to their advertising agency to help translate original campaign material. What is the mistake in that approach? The word translate. Developing digital marketing campaigns for multiple countries does not simply mean translating words into a local language. It requires culturally adapting content to meet […]

Rapidly evolving technologies, changing demographics and consumer preferences has created a wealth of change in the consumer product industry. According to an annual survey of more than 5,000 online shoppers by United Parcel Service Inc., for the first time, US consumers say they bought more of their purchases on the web than in stores. The […]

One of the significant growth areas for global content marketers to influence buyers and enhance the customer experience has been the rise in user generated content (UGC). Every second millions of network generated comments, blogs, posts, and reviews are published digitally on hundreds of media platforms and channels around the world.  How should global brands respond?  The challenges […]

Social media is one of the main drivers of today’s global marketing for businesses and consumers. Adapting and localization of the volumes of user generated and branded content shared across a growing number of social platforms and channels continues to drive many marketing priorities within multinational companies. Social is here to stay. The growth of key […]

Some of the world’s best known brands and online retailers drive business and sales through maximizing the value on user generated content (UGC). UGC can include many types of consumer experience, expressed in many formats from social media posts to blog and product review forums. UGC can be short and sweet, constructive or emotional, positive […]

As the dust settles on the Rio 2016 Olympics, many world athletes will now be focusing their training on 2020 when the Olympics will take place in Tokyo, Japan. In Welocalize’s latest language report, Japanese ranked as one of our highest target languages selected by global brands and organizations when translating various content types.  In […]

With 93% of marketers now taking part in some form of content marketing (B2B Content Marketing 2014, Content Marketing Institute), it comes as no surprise that content is a hot discussion topic for many global businesses. Driving a global content strategy is a vital part of the globalization process. It is important to create relevant content that […]

Over the past years, the importance of user-generated content (UGC) in global marketing programs has steadily increased to what some classify as overwhelming volumes. More and more consumers post reviews about products and services online. Global brands are more accessible than ever, having their own Facebook and Twitter accounts, thus making it easy to get […]

Welocalize recently announced certification to the new quality management system standard ISO 9001:2015 and international standard ISO 17100 for global operations across North America, Asia and Europe. Liz Thomas, Senior Director of Quality and Training at Welocalize leads ISO certification programs for all Welocalize companies. In this interview, she talks to Louise Law, Welocalize Global […]

A key characteristic of indigenous populations is language. Indigenous languages are often reduced to the status of a minority language due to the fact that so few people speak these languages. Indigenous languages are not necessarily national languages but represent linguistically distinct communities. In today’s world, many indigenous languages are not passed on as older […]

User generated content (UGC) plays a key role in global business, localization and marketing strategies. A growing number of consumers post and share comments and reviews about products, services and brand experiences. Many global brands have realized how valuable it is to harness the power and knowledge of their users and encourage conversations, discussions and opinion-sharing. […]

User generated content (UGC), also referenced as as network generated content, is everywhere. On social media, blogs, comments section, web forums, travel and restaurant sites, product review sites and many more outlets consumers and marketers are sharing content. Today’s consumer are reading large volumes of UGC to research the best products and services, then sharing information on […]

Many global content marketers create brand-oriented content to publish through existing company-owned channels, like their primary company website. Social amplification happens when this content is shared outside controlled properties to social media channels, through paid campaigns or to organically attract a broader audience. Think of social amplification as a means for content to reach more people via a […]

There has been a huge growth of social media usage across the world. With booming social media e-commerce and the increased sophistication of social media paid amplification tools that allow you custom personalization and targeting, social media is now one of the key digital channels for global brands. Building a localized social media presence with […]

When your company starts gaining traction in international markets, it’s time to celebrate. It is also a time to drive forward your globalization strategy to ensure you maximize every available market opportunity. If your products and services are reaching international markets, there are a number of localization considerations related to various content types that can help you increase your […]

  When it comes to achieving global reach in existing and emerging new markets, most organizations look to translate their web content into the target language. According to Statista in 2015, the top five common languages on the Internet were: English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese. A lesson to all can be found in Internet World […]

Content within industry sectors such as legal, financial and life sciences is complex and heavily regulated by governments and official institutions. Not only must translated content be accurate and legally accepted in all target countries, it must also be carried out by translation specialists who have relevant subject and linguistic experience to minimize the risk […]

The latest issue of LocLeaders Magazine is now available on digital newstands! This popular localization and translation industry magazine is packed with insightful articles and expert opinions on trending topics relating to globalization strategies and best practices.  The magazine summarizes summarized from  and localization, all discussed at the recent Welocalize LocLeaders Forum 2016 event held in […]

Before investing time and money into developing an international web content and SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, there are a number of different things to take into consideration. Expanding the global reach of your website and digital marketing activities is no small feat and covers a number of different disciplines. Take a look at the […]

For successful globalization and localization in the financial services and insurance (FSI) industry, language partners must have relevant experience and expertise that speaks to the complexities and regulatory requirements for these types of businesses.  The FSI industry represents organizations in banking, asset management, insurance, accountancy firms, credit card companies, brokerage firms, venture capital and private […]

Based in London, John Harris works as a Business Development Director at Welocalize. John has worked in the localization industry for more than 20 years and is a specialist in the development of language solutions for global organizations in the financial services industry.  In a recent interview with Louise Law, Welocalize Communications Manager, John provides […]

We are constantly looking for new ways of providing clients the best service when it comes to international SEO (search engine optimization), which is increasingly technical SEO. One thing that crops up time and time again is the need to assess Hreflang tag architecture. When dealing with global sites that operate across multiple language markets, […]

A strong international web presence containing useful, unique content that has been optimized for all local markets makes a good global web and SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. Being mobile-friendly helps too when you are reaching out on the worldwide web. It’s all about making a great online customer journey that is relevant and experiential […]

For every web user, it’s all about content and experience. Regardless of where a user is based, the “quality of translation” will mean nothing to them. Web users simply want good content that gives them a natural online experience. Translated web content should not be considered an extension of the original source content. Each language […]

The overriding objective for all Welocalize LocLeaders Forum events is to facilitate discussion and share experiences about localization. Many of our customers and industry colleagues have LocLeaders as a regular commitment in their diary, often favoring LocLeaders over other industry events. Why? For some attendees, LocLeaders events have a therapeutic quality and they find they […]

Welocalize is a truly global company with 19 offices across North America, Europe and Asia. Our global footprint is increasing all the time as we continue to serve and support global brands with specialized language services through their entire “globalized” customer journey. To date in 2016, Welocalize has gained seven new offices in Europe and […]

The following article appeared in EContent Magazine in a special best practices white paper, Localization is the Key to Going Global with Content Marketing. Robbie Ready at Adapt Worldwide, a Welocalize digital marketing agency, penned the article, “Multilingual Digital Content is King.” The thought leadership article details how digital marketing content must meet the language and cultural […]

By Huw Aveston, Digital Media Expert, Co-Founder and Co-Managing Director of Adapt Worldwide, Welocalize Multilingual Digital Agency How we reach our global customers has changed significantly. Most of our content is now published and distributed digitally, impacting our overall global and multilingual content strategies. The growth in digital is probably one of the most key […]

By Bruno Herrmann, Digital Globalization and Localization Director, The Nielsen Company Localized content has to be engaging to be effective. This cannot be achieved without a robust content supply and value chain. In a governance model built on central management combined with local empowerment, the in-market review and sign off phase remains truly challenging and […]

Senior Multimedia Localization Engineer at Welocalize, Michael Anderson takes a look at some of the popular and emerging techniques being used for multimedia localization. One of the main barriers to localizing high volumes of multimedia has been cost. To generate high quality multimedia output in multiple languages involves high investment in studios, talent, specialist engineering […]

By Julio Leal, Head of Localization, Ciena Corporation The localization of marketing content differs from other content types like technical, multimedia, legal and customer support and this affects how we measure quality. All those dealing with marketing translations know content marketing is considered a “special beast.” Marketing content has to be culturally adapted to service […]

Interview with Mika Pehkonen, Documentation and Localization Manager at F-Secure Corporation Mika Pehkonen is Documentation and Localization Manager at F-Secure Corporation. In this blog interview, Mika shares some of his key insights as a panelist at Welocalize LocLeaders Forum 2016 in Dublin. Mika was a featured guest and participated in discussion, Ensuring Optimum Localization Quality. You […]

Quality of source content was one of the topics discussed at Welocalize LocLeaders Forum 2016 and Localization World in Dublin. What is the impact of source content creation and quality on localization? The language services industry and global brands agree that GIGO reigns – garbage in, garbage out. Clearly bad source content will always result in […]

By Wayne Bourland, Director of Translation at Dell How do you achieve optimum localization and translation quality? It’s a million dollar question on the lips of most localization professionals and one that we discussed at length at the Welocalize LocLeaders Forum 2016 in Dublin. Quality is a moving target and it does depend on content […]

A Welocalize and Talentsoft Case Study Since 2013, Talentsoft has worked with Welocalize as their sole language services provider, localizing the Talentsoft software applications, marketing collateral and user documentation. Welocalize developed an innovative localization program to work with Talentsoft’s agile development cycle. READ MORE: Welocalize Talentsoft Case Study Talentsoft HR software is used in over […]

Recap of LocWorld31 Presentation and Interview with Olga Beregovaya, Welocalize VP of Technology Solutions Welocalize Vice President of Technology Solutions Olga Beregovaya joined Pablo Vasquez from NetApp to deliver a joint presentation on machine translation at Localization World 2016 Dublin. The presentation, “Managing an Effective MT Program in an Ever Changing MT Environment,” generated many […]

by Steve Maule Traveling back from Dublin after attending another great Welocalize LocLeaders event and Localization World conference, I thought about some key content I gathered from the various presentations, discussions and meetings. Simply listening and talking with localization colleagues and clients, I learned so much more about key topics within the globalization and localization […]

To meet today’s multilingual content requirements, global organizations require “publish fast” language technology solutions. Translation Management Systems (TMS) like Welocalize’s open-source GlobalSight TMS automate the content collection and delivery process to increase the overall efficiency of the localization workflow. Welocalize works with clients to develop connectors to automatically match files for translation and integrate the […]

Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu festival is a traditional and important celebration in China. Dragon Boat Festival 2016 falls on June 9 and there are three days of national holiday from Thursday, June 9 through Saturday, June 11. Welocalize has two localization centers of excellence in China, located in Beijing and Jinan. Our […]

Welocalize Senior Computational Linguist, Dave Landan, writes about the trends in machine translation (MT), neural machine translation (NMT) and takes us through the evolution of MT. He shares insights on how Welocalize is using cutting-edge innovation and technologies in its language tools solutions and MT programs. It’s been almost nine years since Koehn et al. published […]

When businesses look to globalize and publish digital content to reach local audiences, a common stumbling block is the simple confusion between direct translation and transcreation. Although they may sound similar they are very different and can ultimately make an impact on the success of your brand or product in your desired target country. Transcreation […]

Digital ads will lead the way for global media growth in the next four years, accounting for 33% of total advertising revenue, nearly catching TV in the process. So it’s no surprise that marketing dollars are widely being invested to make advertising more relevant across global markets and languages using translation. A lot of advertisers […]

As more and more apps are available for download, how do brands ensure they are found in the millions of other options?  In this latest post from Adapt Worldwide, a Welocalize multilingual digital marketing agency, experts detail how search engine optimization (SEO) and app store optimization (ASO) benefit from the digital strategy of mobile deep linking. […]

Interview with Robbie Reddy, Creative Director at Adapt Worldwide, a Welocalize Multilingual Digital Agency Robbie Reddy is Creative Director at Adapt Worldwide, a Welocalize Multilingual Digital Agency. In this blog interview, he talks to Welocalize Global Communications Manager Louise Law about the explosion of digital content and what global marketers must consider when creating digital […]

In the second in a series of Welocalize blog posts on best practices for app store optimization (ASO) and app localization, Agata Jajszczyk, ASO specialist at Adapt Worldwide, a Welocalize multilingual digital marketing agency, focuses on practical tips that will help you get the most out of your app localization efforts. Take these suggestions into […]

Top Tips for a Successful Intern Program by Samantha Henderson It has long been acknowledged that schools and universities provide excellent recruitment opportunities for fresh new talent in any industry, and the localization industry is no different. Welocalize has had an intern program since 2012 and we’re driving a top talent initiative to grow and nurture […]

Geofencing and In-Store Beacons by Emma Cox There are a number of new mobile marketing techniques that digital marketers can use to reach global customers. The increased usage of smartphones and mobile apps has encouraged global marketers to use mobile as a key branding platform and to personalize digital content and the user experience through the development […]

Interview with Huw Aveston, Co-Managing Director at Adapt Worldwide, a Welocalize Multilingual Digital Marketing Agency In February 2016, Welocalize announced the acquisition multilingual digital marketing agency, Adapt Worldwide, formerly known as Traffic Optimiser. Huw Aveston is one of Adapt Worldwide’s co-founders and now co-managing director. Huw is a digital marketing veteran having worked with more […]

Today, countries across Europe and around the world celebrate Europe Day. This annual event is a chance for European countries to celebrate the culture and heritage of Europe and its many diverse states and regions. Every year, the day carries a different theme. The theme for Europe Day 2016 is “Unity in Diversity.” This phrase […]

Welocalize recently launched an updated to the open source translation management system (TMS), GlobalSight. Details on the release are noted here: Welocalize Releases GlobalSight 8.6.7.  In this blog, Senior Software Engineer at Welocalize, Andrew Gibbons, guides us through some of the key features and benefits of this latest GlobalSight release. After almost a year of hard work, […]

Welocalize General Manager of Japan and VP of Asia Pacific, Mark Shriner recently wrote an article about the price, quality and time “tripod model” for translation services. This article appeared in Multilingual Magazine for the April/May 2016 edition. Mark has worked in the language service industry for more than 10 years and he discusses how […]

There are 45,508 companies listed in stock exchanges around the world – the number of unlisted companies reaching millions. Each company has to produce financial content to ensure it is reporting to its shareholders and meeting the financial regulatory obligations and accounting principles of financial and governmental institutions. Although most public companies are listed on […]

Alex Yanishevsky, Senior Manager of Solutions Architects on the Technology Solutions team at Welocalize, has been enhancing the technology that powers Welocalize’s Teaminology solution. In this blog, he writes about the importance of consistent terminology and shares his latest updates on the Teaminology solution process. Harnessing the power of a global, multilingual crowd has become […]

Company annual reports are significant company communications that outlines a company’s activities for the year. They often have a wide audience, including employees, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders. An annual report may be the first piece of documentation read about a company and often fulfills a legal requirement of trading, as well as the highest […]

A Welocalize and Avigilon Case Study Avigilon Corporation, a trusted security solutions provider, required a scalable globalization strategy that centralized localization and translation activities to meet rapid global growth in demand for its products and manage high volumes of variable content. Avigilon wanted to work with a language service provider (LSP) large enough to manage […]

Based in Milan, Italy, Claudio Dal Zotto is General Manager at Agostini Associati, a Welocalize company and specialist in financial translation language services. Through Agostini, Welocalize experts work as trusted advisors to localize all types of financial content and annual report translation. Claudio Dal Zotto recently joined Welocalize and has over 20 years of experience […]

Welocalize Interview with Liz Thomas Evaluating language quality has always been a big challenge for the localization industry. In the past, variables such as content type, budget, speed and intent were not factors when designing a translation quality assurance program. The inability to consider all variables supporting a global content strategy often results in undefined […]

We recently posted the Welocalize Guide to International Etiquette in Asia, which focuses on some of the traditions and cultural expectations to be observed when doing business within Asia. In a continuation of our Guide to International Business Etiquette blog series, here are some insights on business etiquette in Europe. In the globalization best practices, developing […]

Any commercial and non-profit institution has a wealth of financial-related content. The host of stakeholders is broad, including central, investment and commercial banks, insurance companies, mergers and acquisition brokerage and investment capital firms, accountancy firms and investor relation agencies, as well as non-financial organizations. Within these organizations and at the corporate headquarters of any publicly traded […]

On Monday, April 4, 2016, the Ching Ming or Qingming Festival, also known as “Tomb-Sweeping Day,” takes place in China. This Chinese festival falls on the first day of the fifth solar term of the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar and is recognized as a national holiday in China. Welocalize operates two large centers of excellence […]

E-commerce is big in Asia and a growth industry. Local Asian retailers are increasing e-commerce activities as well as global players entering these new markets to expand globally. Rising wealth and a growing middle class provides revenue opportunities for organizations selling their products and services in Asia. Independent research firm, Common Sense Advisory, published its […]

Welocalize has more than 700 employees around the world and 16 global office locations. As a culturally diverse, global organization we often observe the many traditions and celebrations of our colleagues that are both local, national and worldwide.  Diversity also means that many of the celebrations are unique to geographies or take place at different […]

New research by Gartner reveals that digital marketing is leading the way in 2016. According to Gartner, marketers are planning to increase their investment in digital commerce. A key component of any global digital marketing strategy is localization. Developing multilingual digital marketing campaigns to meet local needs is one area that is growing in localization […]

The following article was recently published by Welocalize and, the leading news website covering the language services and technology industry. In the piece, Slator looks at the strategic convergence of global marketing and localization, driven by a rapid growth in online digital marketing activities. Slator worked with Huw Aveston, Managing Director of Adapt Worldwide, to gain […]

Derek McCann is Chief Customer Officer for North America at Welocalize. Derek joined Welocalize last year from Microsoft where he worked for 23 years. His latest position at Microsoft was Senior Director Internationalization and Localization, holding senior responsibility for the Microsoft Windows localization program. In July 2015, Derek launched Microsoft Windows simultaneously in 110 languages. In […]

Launching global e-commerce sites is a relatively fast and effective way to reach new markets, compared to the traditional brick and mortar retail business models. Online retailers know that adding language sites, with the right delivery and support infrastructure, helps to expand market share and grow revenue. Trading online can also have its share of challenges […]

We recently posted, Welocalize Guide to International Business Etiquette, which looked at some of the language, traditions and cultures to be observed in certain areas of the world when conducting business. This blog focuses specifically on business etiquette in Asia, observing some important business traditions in India, Korea, Vietnam, China and Japan. India In India, when […]

The global expansion of the Internet use for conducting business has greatly contributed to a revolution for the way we buy goods and services. This is demonstrated by the fact that global e-commerce sales grew by 25% in 2015. This trend in e-commerce allows global businesses to trade more efficiently with consumers and other businesses around […]

Localizing your e-commerce site and any associated digital marketing strategy is an effective way to expand and reach new customers and local markets. Research consistently shows that online customers prefer to research and buy items in their own language and culture. According to independent research firm, Common Sense Advisory, 56% of consumers say that the […]

Software market requirements are changing quickly. More and more technology companies want their products to be released to market faster to meet demand and to rapidly integrate client expectations into their products in real-time. This introduces a lot of innovation in software development, validation and the technology industry. It is one of the reasons agile […]

Welocalize recently attended eTail 2016 West Conference held in Palm Springs, California, February 22-26, 2016. It represented an opportunity to engage in conversation and share localization best practices with clients and colleagues involved in global e-commerce and online retail activities. The eTail West 2016 event brought together over 2,500 retail professionals from several different industries […]

We often emphasize localization and cultural adaptation as a part of growth strategies, in particular when it relates to various content types, digital marketing campaigns, global branding and social media activities. These are not the only ways to successfully integrate your business into new markets and achieve global growth. There are many ways a business can […]

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