how we do it

how we do it


talent. technology. process.

right people = right solutions

Welocalize, a leading provider of translation and localization solutions to global brands,
works with our clients to help them achieve their unique business goals.

Our mission and philosophy is to be your trusted partner, sharing our broad expertise and
valuable experience to create global programs that deliver measurable results.

The foundation of our success is defined by 4-pillars:
customer service, global teamwork, innovation and quality.

Our customer-centric solutions and approach is defined by our client’s specific needs,
whether focused on brand consistency, growing international market share,
advancing your globalization strategy or launching new products…
Welocalize provides more than just words.

We provide the language services’ expertise
with the right talent, technology and processes that deliver results.


ideal client profile

getting to know each other: the courtship

If your company is mid to large size and collaborating on business solutions that save time
and money while preserving the highest quality – well, we believe you’ll love us.

After all, we love serving clients who value a relentless drive to help achieve common business goals.
Not just on one project – but time after time, year after year.
That takes planning, evaluating, improving what doesn’t work and refining what does.
And sometimes, very rarely, but still sometimes, it may even mean helping you find another alternative that suits you better.



client immersion

This is our courtship. We ask questions, we listen and process.
We devour every detail of your brand and business goals. It’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship.


Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. It’s all about growing and evolving together.
So we focus on continuous improvements. That requires a constant communication process.
Working together, in collaboration, as your trusted advisor.
We provide the expertise and knowledge to help you achieve efficiency and maximize your return on content investments.


This is where we become one.
Leveraging our depth of knowledge, smart people and technologies while maintaining quality and cost efficiency.
We’ll begin to finish each others sentences…and then translate them.




A Translation Management System (TMS) that let’s you manage, translate, and deliver ever increasing volumes of global content.


Welocalize Machine Translation (weMT) provides better localization in every language quicker and at a lower cost.


Teaminology embraces the power of crowds by allowing employees or a user group to vote on the proposed
translation of a term or propose a new translation.

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