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Reaching Global Audiences

How to Localize Your Marketing Strategy

Welocalize has released a new ebook for brand stewards, content marketers, globalization experts, and localization business leaders. The comprehensive guide provides tips and best practices on how to localize your global marketing content to support your brand and align to your overall business goals.


Welocalize Global Content Marketing eBook

Marketers are challenged today by the demands to go and grow globally.

Faced with the demand to increase engagement and demonstrate results by increasing revenues, marketers are looking for ways to maximize impact through content. Effectively reaching a global audience requires a strategy that produces and distributes value-driven content directed to a precisely defined target. It needs purpose. It needs to be accessible. It needs to represent the brand. It needs to accurately reflect the culture and values of the intended audience.

Millions of words are published online, every minute, with the intention to build brands, sell products, evoke emotions and create reactions.

For every product launched, thousands of new words are written in the form of product guides, websites, sales materials, advertisements, taglines, online help, blogs, social media, articles and much more. The investment of time, resources, and spend into content marketing continues to accelerate exponentially year-over-year. We also know that not all created content is equal or universal.

Localization and translation must be core to an effective overall global marketing strategy.

In order to achieve global growth and reach international audiences, a content marketing strategy needs to match the diversity that exists in all of your audiences. Your marketing content must be readable, targeted, and searchable to global audiences in order to fully actualize the investment and provide a viable return.

In this e-book, we cover some of the key challenges and considerations facing today’s global marketers. We provide tips and best practices on how to localize your global marketing content to support your brand and align to your overall business goals.

READ Reaching Global Audiences: How to Localize Your Marketing Strategy today!

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