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How are we helping our clients achieve their business goals with measurable success?

Here are some great examples of how we partner with leading global brands to maximize their return on content (ROC). Our solutions are diverse and our technology and service offerings are broad.  Whether we are creating a specific MT program to get products to market faster or increasing volumes of UGC translation to open new geographies, we work with you to define the most effective, efficient solution that delivers results.

casestudy: netapp 

NetApp Welocalize Case StudyWelocalize recognizes NetApp as a globalization innovator that has grown their localization program from two million words to more than 30 million words localized in 18 languages in only five years. NetApp is a US-based Fortune 500 company, providing integrated data storage solutions to enable companies to leverage virtualization, cloud computing and storage efficiency. NetApp services customers and communities all over the world in multiple languages with more than 12,000 employees in 150+ offices worldwide.

Welocalize has closely supported NetApp in their quest for a proper globalization model. The foundation is NetApp’s Globalization Programs Strategy Office (GPSO).Core to the strategy is ensuring you have the right expertise, partnership, trust and agreements in place to deliver an outstanding program. It is expected that quality, time and cost will always be delivered. All of this has helped the GPSO to focus on future growth and innovation.

The next phase of growth has clear targets of 40 million words and expanded globalized programs obviously with the laser focus to increase international revenues. You can learn more about NetApp’s program and success in a new case study infographic by clicking here to view!

casestudy: videojet

Videojet Case Study_Page_1The world’s largest coding and marking company, Videojet, has a global workforce and a large distribution partner network dispersed across 26 countries. They need to continuously communicate and roll out global marketing campaigns, to local markets. Part of their globalization strategy was to produce marketing collateral in over 17 languages. Videojet chose Welocalize as their partner to handle the localization of all branded marketing content. Welocalize teams work with Videojet to develop and implement a localization strategy to support local product launches.

To date, Videojet has realized a 50% increase in translation volume and 35% saving on overall translation spend due to improved process and translation memories. This has been achieved by maturing and centralizing the localization process, automating the translation workflow and utilizing key technologies.  You can read the full case study by clicking here: videojet case study – welocalize

casestudy: louvre hotels group - driving site traffic + increasing conversions

Louvre Hotel Case Study_Page_1To increase revenue and international reach, Louvre Hotels Group needs sites to attract traffic from all over the world and has to ensure the best user experience. This meant all content for current and planned hotel brands within the group needed to be localized and optimized for search in each geographic territory. Welocalize worked with Louvre Hotel Group to design and implement a value-adding localization and SEO strategy to support their overall business strategy and international growth objectives.

Dedicated Welocalize teams provide rich and compelling source content in English for Louvre Hotels Group various websites. All source content is translated initially into 12 target languages and search engine-optimized for each country to ensure Louvre web content is more visible in search engines across the world.  You can read the full case study by clicking here: louvre hotels case study – welocalize.

casestudy: energy - managing the complexities of a global energy company

energy sector case study - welocalizeA multinational energy corporation, headquartered in the USA, active in more than 180 countries experiences many complex dynamics within its globalization strategy. They are engaged in every aspect of the oil, gas and geothermal energy industries. There are many departments, team members and groups based around the world, conducting training and requiring localization programs for new and legacy content. As global growth targets continue to increase, they needed a strong team of localization resources to ensure this world-renowned brand continues to be correctly represented.

Working together, the energy company is now executing more efficient and mature localization processes, translating content into 17 languages with Welocalize. A more structured workflow means higher quality output, more consistent product messaging, additional employee resources and improved performance. You can read the full case study by clicking here: global energy company case study – welocalize.

casestudy: intuit - zero to MT readiness in 3 months and 11 languages

intuit case study_Page_2Welocalize client, Intuit, is a US-based global software company with annual revenues exceeding $4 billion. Intuit’s goal is to become the global small business operating system. Translation and localization are critical to Intuit’s international growth strategy.

Intuit’s challenge was faster time-to-market while lowering translation costs by 30%.  Welocalize deployed continuous general MT and SMT-specific (Statistical Machine Translation) post-editing training and customized toolkits for everyone working within Intuit’s localization workflow.

The results are significant.  In three months, the MT program deployed in 11 languages. Microsoft Translator MT engines were retrained as additional translated content became available. UI and technical content was delivered on time for initial launch. Use of STE enabled more consistency, less ambiguity and better quality MT output.  You can read the full case study by clicking here: intuit case study – welocalize.

casestudy: f-secure - predictable + consistent software localization

F-secure case study - agile_Page_2F-Secure Corporation is an award-winning global anti-virus, cloud content and computer security company. Welocalize is one of F-Secure’s main localization partners, providing translation for a variety of content types into 13 languages. Together, they introduced an agile methodology for the localization of F-Secure’s software updates.

Welocalize and F-Secure parnter to work in weekly sprints to provide quick turnaround. The process is streamlined for maximum efficiency. There is consistency and predictability to allow for greater scale and long-term cost savings.

“In June 2013, we looked at whether we could improve the agile localization
process that we put in place with Welocalize in 2005. It is so streamlined and efficient; there was nothing we could do to improve it.” — Mika Pehkonen, Documentation and Localization Manager at F-Secure. You can read the full case study by clicking on download.

casestudy: tripadvisor - welocalize delivers operational excellence

welocalize tripadvisor case study_Page_2TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site enabling travelers to plan and have the perfect trip. TripAdvisor branded sites make up the largest travel community in the world with more than 260 million unique monthly visitors and over 100 million reviews and opinions (60+ contributions per minute). The sites operate in 34 countries worldwide in 21 languages. 49% of TripAdvisor revenue is from international points-of-sale.

TripAdvisor turned to global translation leader, Welocalize, to develop and deliver a next generation localization strategy. Welocalize developed an innovative localization strategy for TripAdvisor, based on the principles of Operational Excellence (OPEX) and using the Localization Maturity Model (LMM), developed by independent research firm, Common Sense Advisory (CSA).

The results are 70% time savings for program management (PM), growth in scale to reach 21 new markets and 15 new languages within 3 years and a 423% increase in words for translation in just one year. You can read the full case study by clicking on download.

casestudy: dell 27 MT engines in 9 months

welocalize dell case has customers in more than 70 countries, so the multilingual market approach is key. Knowing that 75% of buyers prefer to buy in their local language, according to independent research firm, Common Sense Advisory, Dell wanted to evolve their localization strategy and introduce machine translation (MT) to increase speed-to-market and productivity.

The objective was clear – reduce translation costs while maintaining quality and increasing velocity. As well as web copy, houses a variety of content types. This can be a challenge for MT as content can vary within the same translation project – product data sheets, UI strings, social media and more. Maintaining consistent levels of quality of MT output can also be a challenge.

“The MT program that we put in with Welocalize is innovative and industry leading. We’re producing more translated materials without increasing costs and this will continue as the program matures. Customers who interact with Dell in their native language will be much more engaged and satisfied with their experience from Welocalize is playing a key role in the success of our global business. The Welocalize team is committed to helping Dell continue to reach multilingual audiences.” — Wayne Bourland, Global Localization, Director of Translation at Dell.  You can read the full case study by clicking on download.

casestudy: terexdelivering pure quality to one of the world’s largest manufacturers

welocalize terex case study copy_Page_1Working with world class partners is key to Terex’s strategy. Regular reviews of quality and adherence to processes are major factors in determining a benchmark partner. The focus of the audit was very much on whether the acquisition had impacted the quality management system and how quality management was prioritized at Welocalize.

Terex ran through a series of standard quality-related questions, recording observations and determining compliance and non-compliance. Terex also examined Welocalize’s new quality manual which conforms to the latest ISO guidelines. They also reviewed two previous internal audit documents which looked at the Welocalize DTP and evaluation team, the project manager competency grid, the corrective action log and Welocalize’s quality policy statement.

Welocalize passed the quality audit: no corrective actions were required. ISO 9001:2008 standards are always effectively implemented and maintained at welocalize.  You can read the full case study by clicking on download.

casestudy: f-secure - empowering translation teams

F-Secure translators case study 2_Page_2Welocalize is one of F-Secure’s main localization partners and provides agile localization services for a variety of content types into 13 languages. Together, we developed a way to empower and increase motivation within the translation teams.

Translator Innovation Days are one day workshops allow translator, vendor and client to share knowledge and swap ideas, discussing topics like tools, language quality, glossaries and terminology management. This is a unique approach within the localization industry as translators can often feel detached from the client. Partnering together, Welocalize and F-Secure created a program that recognizes the talent of the profession, rewarding the right behaviors and increasing overall satisfaction of the team members. The collaboration focuses on knowledge sharing and skills training, which increases productivity and overall satisfaction related to the work. You can read the full case study by clicking on download.

more casestudies – infographics

casestudy:  infographics client summary click download to view infographic
tripadvisor Welocalize workflow services and OPEX reduces 23-step localization and translation process to 5 steps for TripAdvisor as shown in this informative infographic. Download Infographic
OPEX IG Welocalize works with our clients to achieve operational excellence, first in cost + convenience in their translation and localization programs.  Our goal is to help our clients achieve maximum return on content (ROC). Download Infographic
Dell and MT (Machine Translation) Image Dell and MT The biggest MT program ever? This infographic details how Welocalize helps Dell manage their machine translation success. Download Infographic
GlobalSight GlobalSight GlobalSight manages and streamlines workflow and translation management.  This informative infographic for GlobalSight Microsoft demonstrates how we help reduce risk, increase productivity and provide greater insight. Download Infographic


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